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The deeds done by a Mortal are immortalized as myths when the mortal dies and becomes a Hero / ascends to Godhood. They form the basis for the feats/affinities provided by the herocult/subcult/cult.

I think that the notion of capital "H" Hero comes into play here. Heroes, being the opposite of Disciples can act in new ways, can shape the world and the world of myth and can create new feats (again, staying within Theism). Disciples will never be Heroes because they just get assimilated into their God. Sartar did things that no one else ever did, so he has his own myths, he created his own myths, and others can follow them through. How this works in terms of the Otherworld, I am not so sure. It seems to me that these new things need to have been done on the Mortal plane - Pavis built  his city in the physical plane, animated the Faceless Statue for real in the  "mundane" world, but somehow that deed got imprinted into the Hero Plane, (or the collective subconcious of the world as I like to think of it). The followers of Pavis can repeat his deeds and gain some sort of benefit. (there was a Pavis Quest published somewhere, and his Holy Day ritual Healing of Waha are clear examples of repeating history as myth.) The technical details are less clear - the impression I get from the Pavis Quest is that it is a Practise Quest, with most elements in the mortal plane. Not sure where this gets us, just my thoughts. Keith

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