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Ugh, one more try. Alex.

No matter how you want to say this or that, I think there isn't enough information and official set for Kralorela, except we can find some bits in Glorantha: Introduction to HW, and it doesn't tell enough about local colors and powers of Kralorela. I love both tibetan tantrism and ancient chinese (and mongolian) history (because Japan holds fertile tradition of buddhism and Chinese history) I don't think something bad to share it with someone like you. Though you might not like it.
> Certainly _a_ Gloranthan perspective -- but not IMG _all_ such,
> certainly. Indeed I think Gloranthans have just such debates have have
> raged in the RW over such issues. Or in especially benighted corners,
> as have raged on this list. ;-) To take another point from Tibetan
> Buddhism (and enraging Terra some more, I don't doubt), their form of
> the bodhisattva concept in effect means that _no_ monk will achieve
> liberation, under it's realized for the entire world. Which is a pretty
> extreme case of "impeding one's own mystic progress", but not "failure",
> at least not in their own terms.

I want to divide the topic into two, "Is truly Kralori way mystical?" and "How does Kralori consider their way mystical?" As I said, I don't want to enforce you the idea that Kralori way is mystical, and I think it is nonsense we make attitude for it, Greg has changed his mind several times. And about Kralori way with Summerland Heaven, IIRC, all "good" Kralori go there no matter what they believe, that is similar to Solace of the Body for Malkioni, and I think among Kralori, concept of "goodness" is the very subject of long debate who Dragon Emperors choose and not. (I suppose some of Kralori concentrate to one specific power or religion of Three Worlds. But I think they still go to Kralori heaven.)

In Glorantha, there is DRAGON MAGIC, it is different from any Three Otherworld Magics, (Perhaps now Greg wants to label it to Middle World Innate Magic or Natural Magic...) But I think it doesn't explain enough about why dragonewt way is so strange and how Kralori can mix it with their "mystical" way (or so they believe.) And Dragons get no alienworld penalty.....

IMG, in the court of Chi Ting, Godunya is now ready to go Summerland Heaven and meditates the meaning of Utuma, doesn't show himself publicly and (it seems) he has no concern to the struggle between eunuchs and mandarins. (They are long sworn enemies throughout history) and Tantrists believe they want to help Godunya to achieve liberation and draw gaudy mandalas around the court, and eunuchs help them for their hidden idea.... and hinder the influence of snobbish, haughty mandarins. Mandarins of course want to throw both of them off and recover old good days.

> In Glorantha, Daruda's story has very much this character. (This is in
> Revealed Mythology, right?) Daruda uses his powers out of compassion
> for the suffering of the world, and his followers, following his
> example, do likewise in myriad different ways. I'm sure non-Darudan
> "mystics" condemn them for this (Mashunasan's lot, frex). Come to that,
> I'm sure they regularly condemn each _other_ for doing so erroneously
> and misguidedly -- and what's worse they're probably very often right.
> What's a selfless sacrifice, and what's an illusion and a trap of your
> own making is a potentially subtle, and clearly vastly perilous,
> distinction to make.

As I said, Greg might change his mind again, so still Mahayana might be failed mysticism and thus Kralori "theistic" (Mark Galeotti said) religion is "failed-properly" channelled to Draconic Realm.

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