RE: [Glorantha]Re: Myth-making

From: Charles Corrigan <>
Date: Sun, 2 May 2004 22:57:31 +0800

> I mean rituals or practice heroquests: not leaving the mundane
> When I was talking about "re-enacting myths" or "heroquesting", I
> it as a heroquest in the Gods War, or going to the Otherworld to
> re-enact historical ancestral or founding myths, which makes no
> to me since mundane history is not part of the Otherworld.

See where Greg told us, in the context of the Lunar religion/events that
> It is posible to go to many of the "historical" events and
participate as
> one of the lesser folk, or even replace the original actor in the
> For instance, the "strange hordes of beings that come from the sky"
in so
> many descriptions of epic battles include heroquesters coming to
> participate.

My guess is that not many historical events are important enough to imprint on the Heroplane so that people can quest to them.


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