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> A lot of hero myths tell about heroes acting in the mundane world and
> history. Although you could repeat their acts, such a quest is
> grounded in the mundane world. For example, if you seek Indrodar
> Greydog's magic, you must go to the Upland Marsh. And what's the point
> of the quest and what justifies the magic you gain if not slaying some
> enemies in the Marsh?
> Jerome
ALL heroquests are enhanced by going to the correct mundane site; e.g. any Hill of Gold quest can be performed from any hill which the ritual mythicly identifies as THE Hill of Gold but performing it from the spot in Vanch (I think. Well seperated from texts right now.) where the Godtime event happenned gives you mythic brownie points. Should the worship of Inrodar spread far enough some smart cookie will work out a way to make any old bog perform the function of the Upland Marsh. MGF dictates that this should be accompanied by a rise in undead activity locally & political or social consequences for said smart cookie.
So in a sense all heroquests are grounded in the mundane world as this IS where they took place. When is more questionable as historical events can also be mythical & therefore part of the Godtime as other posters so ably argue.



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