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From: Stewart Stansfield <stewart_at_cynoscephalae.freeserve.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 4 May 2004 12:19:53 +0100

> Did Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain make a cross Humakt/Lhankor Mhy Quest
> at Gettysburg, or did it just look that way since he was the last
> colonel left alive by the end of the attack on Little Round Top? And
> does this also go for Lt. Chard at Rourke's Drift (college professor,
> engineer, what's the difference?)?

Sadly the most glaring failure of this heroquest is poor old George Colley's attempt at Majuba Hill. And he was gearing up to be its most eminent taker, too...

> Others?

I should mention the hybrid Mao/Giap heropath, well known for its three defined stages.

Vo Nguyen Giap was a well-known, dubious God Learner theomancer, well on a par with Moray and Telerio. Taking Mao's successful insurgency heropath, he fiddled with it in a variety of ways, such that many pass it off as his own. Giap wasn't the best mythworker, but was persistent. Though his numerous practice quests tended to get most of his companions killed. Frequently. But he persevered, and after many practice attempts finally brought his real quest to fruition and success. Of course, he made sure that his Commuity Support modifier was something astronomical (and it was always *total* support... his fellows made sure of that...).

He was also one of those rarities that tried the same heroquest twice. He wasn't around for the finish of the second, of course (his heroquesting companions getting a little concerned over the frequency of casualties on the path), but he did start it (ultimately successfully) and published a key guide to its myths.

Not seen anyone try the Alcibiades heropath recently, mind...




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