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From: robert darvall <Robert.Darvall_at_general.monash.edu.au>
Date: Thu, 06 May 2004 11:03:44 +1000

simon hibbs

> 'Where they took place'. You see, temporal based thinking keeps
> creeping in.

<Much useful thought snipped>

Yes it will as humans are limited by their language & time sense which is why I tried to use the term Godtime, clearly not effectively.

OK where they take place/ are centered/ have their magical locus.

My point is that while HQs are enhanced by association with these places the physical location is not essential as any place can be mythically identified as THE Hill of Gold or [insert mythic location of choice]. Of course physical similarity will help. Identifying a cave as the HoG may not work so well.
To return indirectly to Simon's point this identification flips the questor to the real HoG; the one in the myth. It then becomes up to narrative causality to determine where (& when if you're feeling nasty) the questor drops back into the mundane world. Is it where they started or somewhere that another questor has identified more strongly as that location?


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