[Glorantha]The True Story of Our Great Red Goddess

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> From: "Paul Chapman" <estarriol_at_estarriol.net>

> I've heard Greg tell this a couple of times, and it was beautiful, resonant

Thank you!

> and very moving, but I can't find it in writing anywhere. Has it ever been
> written down in it's full form? The closest I can find is on Nick Brooke's
> site at http://www.btinternet.com/~nick_brooke/moonie/7moons.htm - is there
> anything more complete than this that tells it as a journey?

I have recently written a much more complete version, with a lot of juicy details. A short version of that juicy story will appear in ILH2, and I am just trying to figure out the best place (best for Issaries, that is) for the whole, long version to appear. It is just TOO long to appear intact in ILH2.

> Incidentally, are the 7 moons on that page the offically accepted aspects of
> Sedenya now?

Yes, that is a pretty good rendition.

> When I've heard it before (and this could just be hazy memory
> on my part) Rashorana wasn't a distinct aspect, but Naveria was.

Rashorana IS, but not Naveria!
Naveria is an earth goddess.

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