RE: [Glorantha]The True Story of Our Great Red Goddess

From: Paul Chapman <>
Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 02:30:23 +1000

> > I've heard Greg tell this a couple of times, and it was
> beautiful, resonant
> Thank you!

No, thank *you*. One day I'll tell you how much that particular tale has come to mean to me. What you do has value beyond supporting a game, worthy cause that that is. I think most of us know this, but it usually goes unsaid. Occasionally, I want to remind you that we do know that. :-)

> I have recently written a much more complete version, with a lot of juicy
> details. A short version of that juicy story will appear in ILH2,
> and I am just
> trying to figure out the best place (best for Issaries, that is)
> for the whole,
> long version to appear. It is just TOO long to appear intact in ILH2.

That's great!

I think I've been playing too much King of Dragon Pass recently... :-)

> > When I've heard it before (and this could just be hazy memory
> > on my part) Rashorana wasn't a distinct aspect, but Naveria was.
> Rashorana IS, but not Naveria!
> Naveria is an earth goddess.

Ah, thanks for that, is this a change or just my failing memory? I seem to recall the colour cycle was:-

White (Veritherusa) ->
Red (when Veritherusa saw hell) ->
Blue (Lesilla) ->
Black (Gerra) ->
Blue (Orogeria) ->
Red (Natha) ->
White (Zaytenera)

Is there any symmetry to the colour cycle? What colour is Rashorana? Invisible?

Thanks for the responses, Greg and Roderick, much appreciated.

Paul C

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