[Glorantha]Re: Myth-making

From: Simon Phipp <soltakss_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 23:01:22 +0100 (BST)

Simon Hibbs:

> >But, in Glorantha, there were events that happened and were recorded
> as
> >having happened, before Time started.
> talking about anything 'before' time is an obvious nonsense. It's a
> fictional convention we adopt for convenience, nothing more.

I disagree here. We are not asking questions like "What happened before the Big Bang?" or "What happened before the Universe existed?". In Glorantha, Time is a very unusual ccurence that only takes up a small proportion of recorded History.

Consider an example of someone living during the Greater Darkness, perhaps Cragspider, The Only Old One or Zzabur. They performed deeds in the Greater Darkness that can be accessed as myths and heroquests. However, after the Dawn, when Time appeared, they also did things that followed on from the things that they did earlier. To them, there was definitely something that happened Before Time as they were part of those events.

History in Glorantha can definitely include that which happened Before Time.

As a matter of interest, the Compromise means that Time itself will eventually come to an end and then we can talk about those events that happened Before Time, During Time and After Time, but that is hypothetical at the moment.

> >Time is only 1600-odd years old,
> Some gloranthans think time is only 1600 years old, others don't.
> > ....No Orlanti would dout that Orlanth compleed the
> Lightbringers
> >Quest, for instance, and they would know that this happened in the
> past. The
> >fact that you can HeroQuest to that place and take part in it
> doesn't change
> >the fact that it happened.
> It's happening right now, it happened yesterday, and the day before
> that. The fact that it's a true account of the nature of the world
> is not in dispute. What I am saying is that presenting it as a
> historical event that happened in a lost age is a narative
> convention by which the myth is preserved in Orlanthi culture, but
> that the immanent experience of heroquesting proves that it is no
> mere story about the past. It is true here and powerful now because
> it describes the world as it is.

It is both an event that happened historically and also an event that can be HeroQuested to and experienced in the present.

Some events started and finished within Time but also happened within GodTime. These events can also be HeroQuested to and participated in. Other events happened within Time but not within GodTime and they cannot be HeroQuested to or participated in.

I am losing track of the original thread, so I'll stop before going off on a tangent.....

See Ya

Simon (Phipp not Hibbs)                                   

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