[Glorantha]'Sons of Kargzant' is out!

From: Mark Galeotti <Mark_at_galeotti.fsbusiness.co.uk>
Date: Sat, 8 May 2004 22:04:10 +0100


The ĎSons of Kargzantí are unleashed! This book is now printed: some orders were posted out with the contributorsí copies today, the rest will be going out in the first half of next week.

Itís a very fine book, written by Wesley Quadros, Martin Laurie, Simon Bray, Mark Galeotti and Brand Robins and illustrated by Dan Barker, Simon Bray, Dario Corallo, Christina DeLong, Jessica Edstrom, Sarah Evans, Jenny Fromm, Mark Galeotti, Malin Hellmer, Jean-Luc Sala, Darran Sims, Viktor Slazai and Peter Town. A fine colour map of Erigia by Wesley Quadros is on the back cover (a larger, A3 version will be available shortly). Go to http://www.celtic-webs.com/theunspokenword/books/sok.html for sample pages (you seem, you donít have to rely on our judgement that itís a fine book!) and information on ordering the book, while I also paste the table of contents below. As well as the Char-Un homeland and 26 spirit practices, it includes key NPCs, information on the tribes, language and culture of the Char-Un, a scenario and several story seeds, a gazetteer of Erigia and information about the terrible beasts of the steppe and much, much more.

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Introduction       3
THE CHAR-UN              4
The Char-Un Nation    4
                Promantis of Penkratos              5
Tribe and Power among the People    6
                Orgrol the Fat  7
                Orglosin              9
                Chinijin                9
                Tutavak               10
What the Elder Told Me             11
The Char-Un Year         14
                Char-Un Rites 15
The Char-Un Language             16
The Char-Un at War    18
The Funerary Rites of the Char-Un     23
                The Barrow Tree            24
The Skyburn    25
                Fallen Star         26
Erigia: a gazetteer         27
                Mighty Char-Un              34
Your First Char-Un Hero            35
Homeland: the Char-Un             36
Brotherhoods, Sister Pacts and Societies        38
The Char-Un Traditions             39
                The Path of Fire              40
                The Path of Earth          44
                The Path of Dawn and Dusk   47
                The Enaree       50
                Ghost Whispers             52
ADVENTURE WITH THE CHAR-UN!               53
Char-Un Rider Initiation             54
The Laguros     57
The Char-Un Abroad   58
Beasts and Blossoms of the Savage Steppes                59
Index                     64

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