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From: Matti Järvinen <matti.jarvinen_at_nysalor.net>
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 22:45:24 +0300

Simon Phipp:

>Consider an example of someone living during the Greater
>Darkness, perhaps Cragspider, The Only Old One or Zzabur.
>They performed deeds in the Greater Darkness that can be
>accessed as myths and heroquests. However, after the Dawn,
>when Time appeared, they also did things that followed on
>from the things that they did earlier. To them, there was
>definitely something that happened Before Time as they
>were part of those events.

Simon Hibbs:

>I don't think such beings experience time, or remember
>'past' mythic events in the way you describe, or in fact
>in a way easily understandable by or communicable to
>temporal beings such as you and I. They exist
>simultaneously within time and in myth and so in a sense
>are permanently heroquesting.

IMO, for example the Brithini can remember events happened before the Sun rose. Malaskan Phillippe, Ruler Talar of Arolanit, was born in the Ice Age, so it would be strange if he couldn't remember those times and events.

Of course, the way the immortals are aware of the time may be different from the mortals, but I'm quite sure the ancient Brithini living in the Mortal World can communicate with mortals, and tell them something about the ancient events, which the others would think to be mythic, like the Vadeli Wars, Worlath's Attack or Zzabur's Ritual to end the Ice Age. And I think they understand Worlath's Attack was before the Ice Age, and a reason for that.

IMG among the Malkioni, there is no really radical difference between about 1620 latest years and the time before the year 0 ST. Froalar, Talar of Frowal, reigned his kingdom before and after the Dawn. Persons who are now known as Saints and Prophets has lived before and after the Dawn. Holy and mythic deeds with the guidance from God have been done before and after the Dawn (or at least this is what the most Malkioni believe in).

The theists may see this otherwise. IMG, however, the Orlanthi think their myths are really happened events, not just illusions or metaphors. They know Orlanth performed the Lightbringer Quest, and this event can be repeated by mortals. Of course, the myth of the Lightbringer Quest can simultaneously be a teaching about what a man should do, and a metaphor for sunrise, but IMO it's the most important as a deed once done by a heroic god.

Well, this is my first message, even if I have been on the mailing list already five years. And right about a quite esoteric topic. :)

Matti "Nysalor" Järvinen
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