RE: [Glorantha]True Dragons and heroic scale

From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 23:08:13 +0100

> Another image that recurs is that of being bitten by it, and
> forcing apart its jaws.

This is what Orlanth did, after all.

>It's not a simple
> > case of elephant vs. a handful of ants (meaning that if the
> dragon was
> > as large and invulnerable as it seems, there would never be any
> > contest).
> Hrm, good luck with that... The Dragonkill seems to strongly
> imply that it really is about as futile as that...

The impression I get is that fighting a dragon in the mundane is, as you say, futile, but defeating Aroka on heroquest isn't all that bad (in comparison, that is). KoDP, and so on. Which seems odd, but there you go.


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