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<Alex writes>
> At the risk of sounding Adamsesque, "what do we mean by real?" A
> philosopher might say that the dragon is more real than most things, as
> measured by its permanence, and its 'vitalism'.

Indeed. The will of the dragon is strong, and so is it's "reality" as measured by that. Still, the mundane world is usually the rule, and the baselin that magic shapes or changes. For the most part a dragon is just a range of hills (=asleep), and only when roused does it impose it's own reality on the mundane plane. When the dragon sleeps it's still expressing it's will on the world, as manifested in dream dragons and no doubt by it's presense in the otherworlds.

Dragons are very real, in the sense that they are terribly hard to effect by anything, but they are not really a trillion ton weighing fying mountain. Only the mostali can fight a mountain (by mining it)...

> > Of course getting to this stage requires relevant magic (worhipping
> > alakoring is a good start), and the resistances are high.
> Aye, there's the rub. I don't have AR to hand, but aren't they in the
> W6 sorta range?

For most people. I propose, however that for people with relevan draconic insights (EWF, Alakoring, Kralori mystic...) the resistance is that of the first barrier = W3.

> > In the same logic the gigantic true-dragon can actually be hurt or
> > driven off by the archers and magicians of an army. It's not a simple
> > case of elephant vs. a handful of ants (meaning that if the dragon was
> > as large and invulnerable as it seems, there would never be any
> > contest).
> Hrm, good luck with that... The Dragonkill seems to strongly imply that
> it really is about as futile as that...

In the Dragonkill there were hundreads of dreamdragons and several handfuls of truedragons. There isn't anything on Glorantha that can stand up to that. I was thinking of a single dragon (or the bat) as is occasionally seen in the DP boardgame. They are powerful, but they can be fought off, and even "destroyed".

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