Re: [Glorantha]Re: Mythmaking

From: Benedict Adamson <>
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 22:48:24 +0100

simon_hibbs2 wrote:
> And yet many myths of the ages 'before the dawn' talk about
> days and nights. Because the sun rose in 'mythic time', you
> can experience sunrise 'before' the Lightbringer's Quest.
> Cause and effect aren't linked in the same way

As a Western philosopher might phrase it:

Take your average Heortling barbarian. He measures time by the rising and setting of the sun. So of course, in his thick skull, before The Dawn and the Cosmic Compromise that alternated day and night there was no time. More sophisticated peoples (that is, most of Glorantha's population) have enough sense to recognise that many other things mark the passage of time (for example, the passage of sand through an Hour Glass). Just because the oral tradition of some hairy barbarians can't remember whether event A followed event B does not mean that there was no cause of effect before the Lightbringers Quest.

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