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From: Donald R. Oddy <>
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 23:00:49 GMT

In message <> Chris Lemens writes:
>Jane notes:
>> The impression I get is that fighting a dragon
>> in the mundane is, as you say, futile, but
>> defeating Aroka on heroquest isn't all that bad
>> (in comparison, that is). KoDP, and so on. Which
>> seems odd, but there you go.
>This leads me to articulate a suspicion I have held
>for a long time.
><rampant speculation>
>There are a few notes here and there about the dimly
>recalled war between the dragons and the giants. I
>think I recall that "the giants won" -- whatever that
>I think that, in some senses, the "giants" conquered
>the dragons and made or added to the world with them.
>This is consistent with so many geological features
>being draconic.
>Ths is also consistent with dragons being near
>impossible to beat in the mundane world -- the mundane
>world is their home world and they are really here
>just like Orlanth is really on the god plane. It is
>easier to beat dragons in heroquests because they
>suffer the alien world penalty in all otherworlds.
>The giants, meanwhile, moved on (or perhaps back) to
>the various otherworlds.
></rampant speculation>
>Or maybe not. There are lots of implied
>inconsistencies with the now-standard model of
>Gloranthan cosmology. But my Glorantha varies.

I've probably missed something but I didn't know the giants had won the war with the dragons. Certainly I've seen references to both dragons and giants becoming land features. Perhaps they're just having a break (for a few millenia) before restarting - could it happen during the Hero Wars?

Donald Oddy

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