[Glorantha]The Dawn and Myths

From: Matti Järvinen <matti.jarvinen_at_nysalor.net>
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 17:29:30 +0300

Simon Hibbs:

> And yet many myths of the ages 'before the dawn' talk about
> days and nights. Because the sun rose in 'mythic time', you
> can experience sunrise 'before' the Lightbringer's Quest.

Of course, the Sun had risen many times before the Great Darkness caused by Malkion's Death. But in the Ice Age, I think, the Brithini (i.e. the Enrovalini) didn't see the Sun, it was an endless night. When Zzabur & friends completed their ritual, the Sun rose, they saw it, and the Ice Age was over. Talar Malaskan Phillippe may remember this mythical event.

IMO, the Brithini don't care about those lies about Worlath and the Lightbringer Quest. They know it was Zzabur who brought the Sun back, not Worlath.

> Cause and effect aren't linked in the same way, therefore
> talling about such things as occuring before the dawn
> doesn't work as well as it should. The Dara Happans don't
> seem to think anything special happened 1600 years ago

Are you sure? Didn't Antirus replaced Kargzant about 1620 years ago? I think it was special. :) The Dara Happan documents tell about "the Age of Ice", too (GRoY). However, I don't think the Dawn was totally universal, but there are many similarities between the Dawn myths among different peoples. Not every people has exact chronology, as the Dara Happans have (or the God Learners had), though.

> I don't see any obvious reason to suppose the Brithini
> would think so either.

Revealed Mythologies tells us much about the Brithini before the Dawn Era, and some reasons to the Dawn, on the Brithini/Western view.

> 'The Dawn' was obviously a significant magical and mythic
> event that occured so far as the Theyalans are concerned
> but honestly I don't know much about what that realy was.
> Perhaps it's something to do with the Elmal cult.

The Lightbringer mythology was easier before Elmal came... :)

Matti "Nysalor" Järvinen
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