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Simon Phipp wrote:

>>As a Western philosopher might phrase it:
>>Take your average Heortling barbarian. He measures time by the rising
>>and setting of the sun. So of course, in his thick skull, before The
>>Dawn and the Cosmic Compromise that alternated day and night there was
>>no time. More sophisticated peoples (that is, most of Glorantha's
>>population) have enough sense to recognise that many other things mark
>>the passage of time (for example, the passage of sand through an Hour
>>Glass). Just because the oral tradition of some hairy barbarians can't
>>remember whether event A followed event B does not mean that there was
>>no cause of effect before the Lightbringers Quest.
>Hmmm, after te Dawning, Time has been pretty much linear, with the possible
>exception of Sunstop. if C follows B which follows A then C follows A. During
>GodTime, things were sometimes linear as above, sometimes cyclical where C
>follows B follows a follows C and sometimes neither.

So the barbarians claim. We Malkioni, being more enlightened, know that this was never really so. Effect has always followed cause, even in the so-called Godtime. It's only logical. (GRoY makes it clear that the Dara Happans think like this, too. Whether they are actually *right* or not is a separate question, and part of the ob/sub debate...)

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