RE: [Glorantha]Re: Mythmaking

From: Charles Corrigan <>
Date: Sun, 16 May 2004 23:56:37 +0800

Charles Stewart wrote:

> However, it does seem that a consequence of your position is that
> the Dara Happan worldview is the right one, and that the Cults of
> Prax version is simply wrong: given the relative popularity among
> these views among gamers, this would be a tad unfortunate.

The Darra Happans, the Easterners and the Malkioni each have history that pre-dates the dawn. But they do not agree on much, if anything, else. In fact the Easterners have no event that equates to the dawn/beginning of time at all.

Arguing on an objective basis that one Gloranthan culture is right and all the others are wrong is an exercise in futility. See for how long this has been constant in Glorantha.

Arguing on a subjective basis that one of the cultures is correct is what Gloranthans do, frequently assisted by weapons and armies of varying shapes and sizes... And the winner can magically enforce this "proof" on the loser.

Charles (a different one)

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