Re: [Glorantha]Devalued herobands and powers

From: Donald R. Oddy <>
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 19:27:57 GMT

In message <> Mikko Rintasaari writes:
>Am I the only one that is upset with the nerfing of the herobands of Old
>Gloranthan Lore (Dragon Pass boardame, KoS).


>All names seem to have been usurped by groups that are small, and too puny
>at least by one mastery level...

Well the writeup for the Eaglebrowns in MoL&D specifically states they are the starting on the path to become the Eaglebrown Warlocks. So if we take their stats as referring to the start of the hero wars it is not unreasonable to see them grow a mastery level. As far as size goes, it has been mentioned several times that the standard size of 1000 infantry and 500 cavalry in the board games doesn't apply to magicians and special units which are much smaller.

Equally I can't see any reason why the other herobands should not also rise in power and size. Indeed the player characters who join them should push their abilities up quite a bit over time - it would certainly be no fun to play if they didn't. Of course there is always the possibility that a particular heroband gets badly defeated before they get to the power of the boardgame counter but that's YGWV.

Donald Oddy

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