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In regards to Imther, here are some comments/notes:

>At last, I got Codex #3 and got information from it. This is my attempt to
comprehend the land of Harald Smith, though certainly Unspoken Words Imther: The Edge of Empire is planned. I think it is not on the publishing line of near future.

Still planned last I talked with Mark.

>I agree Harald Smith has changed many along with ILH authors and Greg's
whimsical nature. (Like the shifts of location of Kareiston's Temple and Hortugarth from Enclosure #2 to Wesley's Imther Map, etc...)

Reconciliation and adjustment of maps led to some slight changes of location. Generally, I don't think anything was impacted too greatly, though it was interesting to see that Hortugarth ended up outside the Glowline--ultimately, this makes for some interesting opportunities there.

> and I don't know whether Imther is in the definition of area of "Saird" or

Broadly yes, but more correctly it is part of the ancient Bowl of Reladiva.

>"No, we are not Orlanthi and we don't revere cattle needlessly. Our cheese
is gift from the Night Wyrm (Daimon of Fermentation), not White Cow (Source of Milk itself)."

Each clan or marl (and sometimes even a village) has their own story of the origin of cheese, though a prominent one has to do with the Goat Mother and Father saving their children and themselves from Alaczar the Toad and hungry men.

>[As far as I read Harald's Hilltown Kharex lists, I am not sure this title
is there since Dawn Age, though this list head has Divine Ancestor Imthus and Aidea as Firsts. Next Dynasty, Valusi was Youf age contemporary, so it might be proof that Kharex was not used in Dawn Age, at least in the sense of Modern Age. ]

Imthus and Aidea were roughly contemporaries of Verenmars in the Second Age. That is basically the start of Imther as a defined kingdom. They took the title of Kharex. It may have been used earlier or may have been created by Imthus and Aidea--I suspect it was a title used by Khelmal that these two resurrected.

>Harald's definition of Imtherian Society
Marl = clan
Marex = clan leader [In Enclosure #2 p.26, Marex is also a title of Tribal Leader in Dawn Age, I don't know whether Imtherians distinguish tribe from clan, or the meaning of term changed since that ancient days. The listed tribes, Rebanni, Dazorda and Tusori all died out. Only Hesperi remained? (Mahzanelm was killed by Lokamayadon.)]

Bear in mind that these tribes occupied not only Imther, but also Vanch. Parts of Vanch still have tribes (though associations as well as many other organized groups have found their way there). In general, Imtherians do not distinguish tribe from clan. There are marls, villages, and hearths.

>Pilex = governor (a DH title) [4 Pilex(s?) can be found at same time. Maybe
attributed to Four Guardians of Khelmal?: Sidherius, Central Mines, Rhynopolis, Blackwall (after New Lolon was taken by Vanchites.)]

This is a DH title adopted first in Vanch and later in Imther. Both still use the term.

>Unfinished 21 Marls of Imther and their centers, important cults and
cheeses. [Maybe Harald has added many marls since the older setting.]

Not all marl centers are noted on the map--some are smaller centers from which the marls rule. I would note that the marls are described more in the Imther material with Unspoken Word.

>Rhynite: Rhyndpolis? [Red Rhynopolis?]

One of the difficulties created when Wesley had to read my mocked-up electronic maps. This should read Rhynopolis.

Borkan: Divide Hills, Aryael River?
>Zarkon: near of dwarven Central Mine? [Vakthan's Blue & Goat Cheeses?]

Central Mine is their center, which is actually a human settlement, though there are dwarfs underground there.

>Grigor: Koradhama Mtn.?, Blackwell (Royal Marl?)

Blackwell I believe is the actual center.

>Polan: Mia Phora Mtn.?

An unmarked marl center called Marble Town.

>Hallite: Oldpath?

An unmarked marl center called Isildon Heights.

>Argon: Kareiston's Inspiration (Sun Dome (Khelmal?) Temple: Ruler is Count
Nightcrest)? {Argus}

Current temple ruler is Count Nightcrest. It is actually independent of the Argon marl, though many from that marl end up living/working there. It is the center of the Khelmal temple, particularly in its manifestation as the Last Light.

>Mallust: Hortugarth?, Mallust{Malus, Hortus?, Hwarin?}, [Apple-rind Amber,
Boar's Nest Smoked White, Rock White?]

They maintain that they are descended from the Dawn Age Balurings. Their center is Mallust Villa, which is northeast of Hortugarth.


New Lolon is their center. They are part of the land taken by Vanch, but have their own plans to resurrect Imther.

>Laramite: Perhaps loyal to Jannisor, so punished by Lunars.
>Wilktar: Perhaps loyal to Jannisor, so punished. Somewhere of East Area?

The Prajali and Khurmai are the remnants of the Laramite and Wilktar tribes, which once dominated the northern edge of Imther and the area of Tork (before it became bound to chaos). One of these accepts their ancient heritage and their association with Jannisor, the other disavows such and is rabidly anti-Jannisor and anti-dog.

>Prajali: Grimorta Mtn.

Grimorta is a sacred mountain unclaimed by any marl. It is a stark and unforgiving mountain in its basic aspect. It is said that giants visit here.

>Hortugarth: See Codex #3 about factions, {Hortus?, Hwarin Dalthippa}

Hortus is the founder of the city, though it was built on the remnants of one of the Dawn Age Baluring sites.

>Kareiston's Inspiration: {Khelmal , Kareiston} Count Nightcrest is the
ruler of Sun Dome.

An unusual Sun Dome in that it does not follow Yelmalion conventions, though it maintains its own unique Hill of Gold myths.

>New Lolon: Currently Fell to Vanch [New Lolon Green Cheese]

A Vanchite site which became part of Imther and is now part of Vanch again. It claims to be the site from which Heliakal ruled during the Golden Age.

>Then, what is the city of Urar Baar (City in the map of Enclosure #2)?

It is a Dawn Age Argan Argar trading site which was destroyed during the period of Nysalor. There are likely to be some interesting myths associated with it.



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