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Greetings and Salutations

Beer & Pretzels XV
Town Hall, Burton-0n-Trent, Staffordshire, UK. Saturday 15th until 16th May 2004.

This is a delightful, friendly games day organised by Phil from Spirit = Games also based in Burton. See:


Held in Burton=92s Town Hall, which is a two-minute walk from the train = station, it is a small convention with a nice relaxing and laid-back = attitude; there=92s no rushing about and no one shouting for you to get = into games which is a welcome change. Although there are several = role-playing games going on it caters for mainly card and board games as = it has a large library of games that you can help yourself to and play = for free during the convention. =20
We had arrived slightly later than we intended and the registration desk = told us that we had a few people already waiting to play HeroQuest so we = quickly set up a table on the stage and put out our notices and book = displays. After grabbing some pints [arrrh, fine Burton ale!] and = speaking to follow MiB Eric Ridley briefly about his progress with his = games, we got a game together.
I decided to run my now infamous =91Dark Heart of the Dragon Lands=92 = first as it always goes down well. The players that were waiting to = play were: a long-time RuneQuest and Gloranthaphile, his girlfriend who = hadn=92t played a role-playing game before and was a little nervous, and = a twelve-year old boy who was full of enthusiasm. Mick joined in as = another player to make up the numbers. They chose their characters well = as each seemed to fit with what they wanted to play. The game went well = although it took me longer than usual to draw the players out of their = shells and get them committed to their characters and the action. They = were suitably confused and mystified by the plot but in the end each = player was suggesting different possible consequences of their actions = in the scenario. It was the first time that the players have actually = ran away from the Fort instead of confronting the opposition at the very = end and I have ran this scenario eight times before. =20 The game lasted longer as well as it went over five hours so by the end = of it I was a little tired so we just chilled in the bar for the rest of = the evening catching up with some old acquaintances, playing some board = games and then returning home late Saturday evening. =20

The Sunday went just as well. The three previous players from the = Saturday game joined in again as they had enjoyed it and I had two more = people wanting to play. One was an earlier acquaintance from other cons = and demo games we had run and he had brought along his friend. I also = had the opportunity to get my girlfriend to try and participate in the = game as she would feel better and less intimidated playing with = strangers. =20
I ran =91Dark Fall=92 this time, as it is a good clan game that gets the = players involved in sorting out certain circumstances in Orlanthi = society. It also allows them to participate in inter-clan raiding and = some military manoeuvres with extensive magic use. They also get scared = silly when they discover they are trapped in a crypt with a sealed metal = coffin at sunset!
Everyone seemed to enjoy it and they were more confident in play. This = time the game=92s pace was a little quicker so it only lasted just over = four hours and I did get everyone involved in the scenario. At the end I gave out the prizes, =91Glorantha Visions=92 for everyone = who played, =91Glorantha: Introduction to the HeroWars=92 to the two = newcomers, and =91Wyrms Footprints=92 to the player who contributed most = to the game and helped his fellow players.


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