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>Could someone please point me to the sources of information on=20
>initiation in Heortling society?

Thunder Rebels -- I think page 58 is what you're looking for.

>(Also, is there an overall index for=20
>the Gloranthan literature? Are there supplementary indexes available=20
>for the books or boxed sets that don't have their own indices? Is this=20
>a niche waiting for someone to claim it?)

Well, there's the excellent Meints Index to Glorantha, but it summarizes products rather than indexes topics. A few of the Issaries products have more extensive indices available online. I am slowly compiling an index to geographical areas <http://www.pensee.com/dunham/glorantha/geoIndex.html>. But feel free to claim this!

>=46rom his timeline of life events, Minaryth Purple seems to have been
>initiated at about 14. Was this early, or just part of a "16 +- 2yrs"

As Minaryth Purple is a famous person, he may well be one of the precocious sorts who initiates early. However, "boys are initiated sometime after they turn fourteen." [Thunder Rebels]

>I've seen some comments about second initiation ... If there are two,
>what's the difference between them and what's the status of people
>between first and second initiation?

"The Heortling Rites come first, which make children into adults ... At the end of the second year, the New Adults may choose to initiate to a god, at which point they become full adults."

>I also remember a comment somewhere -- maybe in John Hughes' writings --=20
>about the wrongness of boys who hadn't been iniitated bearing weapons.=20
>If I extrapolate this to women I find myself with either a conundrum or=20
>a cultural difference. I find it difficult to imagine that a normal=20
>Heortling 8-year-old girl can't use a drop-spindle or help her aunts=20
>weave the starting bands for warping the loom.

I don't see why this is a conundrum. Girls who haven't been initiated can't bear weapons either, no matter how much they want to be Vinga.


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