Re: [Glorantha]Phases of the moon

From: Alex Ferguson <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 17:51:15 +0100

On Sat, May 22, 2004 at 08:38:05PM +0100, Benedict Adamson wrote:
> Or is not a celestial body at all? It resides in the Middle Air. IIRC,
> Yelm cast out the moon for turning to follow Umath (a titbit that an
> imaginative Argrath could find useful..). I guess it depends on whom the
> Lunar missionary is talking with.

Indeed, there's rhetorical and theological subtleties here all right. But unless its appearance is outright (sharp intake of breath) subjective, it must _look_ either like a 'celestial body' ('infinitely' high, looks the same from everywhere), a 'mundane' object (finite height, looks to be in a given position, with an appearance appropriate to where you're standing) or a 'magical phenomenon' (appearance is describable, but not quite consistent with mundane logic or geometry).

RQ2 sources pretty clearly imply the last; the 'searchlight' model amounts to that too; Mikko's 'new old model' could be either the first (if he thinks the moon's always in the same place in the sky), or the third (if he thinks it always appears to be in the direction of Glamour, but is otherwise the same from everywhere). I don't think anyone has proposed the second alternative.

Mythically, their are nuances here about what a 'moon' is (in some senses, Shargash, Artia, Entekos and the Twinstars each are, but are all 'celestial' bodies anyway; equally so is the Blue Streak, but it's in effect a 'meteorological' phenomenon) and about 'Middle Air' vs. 'Middle Sky' (that part of the sky between the top and second 'rung' of Buserian's Frame).


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