RE: [Glorantha]Heortling Greetings

From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 22:55:58 +0100

> During my campaign yesterday, one of my players asked me how
> Heortlings greet each other, and I had no idea. Anybody on
> the list want to venture an opinion?
> Andrew E. Larsen

Depends on which Heortlings, and under what circumstances (of course!)

The "Greeting" is the classic description of how a visitor to the clan is ritually greeted. (Thunder Rebels p36, or so Barbarian Adventures tells me).

I'd expect how a cottar greets his clan chief to be different from how a mother greets her son who won't get up in the morning. And so on. But you knew this...

So what did you really have in mind when you asked the question?

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