RE: [Glorantha] Heortling initiation

From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 23:10:52 +0100

Jennifer, Donald....

> > The New Adult goes through two year-long
> >stints of learning about the worship of a particular deity, usually
> >focusing on a particular subcult. The first year the
> deity/subcult is
> >chosen by the New Adult and is "the deity that they think
> (or hope) has
> >chosen them". The second year the deity/subcult is assigned by the
> >elders.
> >
> >Do you think you need to spend a year in preparation before being
> >accepted into a subcult?

> This I think is where the minority cults come in ...

Trouble is, back in KoS days we had exactly one example of how all this worked out in practise: Minaryth Blue, who seems to have spent half his young life being orphaned and running away. We now have a new model of How It Works, with "testing" and "new adults" and so on, and again, one detailed example, who is of course entirely typical of your standard Heortling... (struggles to keep a straight face, chokes on wine) - OK, is possibly typical of some of those PC tomboys.... No, not even that. But at least this example shows what can be possible, if you're weird.

Initiation to adulthood at age 14.
Then "tests" in Vinga, same year. I assume her parents thought Vinga was the obvious way ahead.
Next year, "tests" in Rigsdal. Presumably her idea. Year after that, now aged 16, initiates to Vinga and Vanganth. Her parents must have been right. But Vanganth?? A cult previously unmentioned? And a few years later, finally initiates to Rigsdal...

No, I'm not saying this is typical. Not at all. But does it help a little?

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