[Glorantha]Tentacles News Post May: Monstrous Countdown!

From: Fabian Kuechler <fabian_at_tentacles-convention.de>
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 01:49:08 +0200

Volume 5, Number 4, May 2004

~~ S l u r p F o l k s ! ~~

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M o n s t r o u s C o u n t d o w n !

The last week before Tentacles and all extremities are working furiously to midwife the birth of this monstrosity:

~ Tentacles Monstrous ~

28th - 31st May 2004
HeroQuest, Call of Cthulhu and
Eternal Champion Game Fest
Castle Stahleck, Germany

We have a half a hand of last-minute auxiliary seats for those who finally get crazed at the thought of not being here. Sign-up here:

The price for residential membership is 90,- Euro + 10,- Euro late fee and includes bed, breakfast and dinner.

Non-residential membership is 25,- Euro + 10,- Euro late fee for the whole event.

Travel hints:

Tentacles will provide one shuttle bus for the Ryan Air flights to Frankfurt Hahn airport!

Here are the last monstrous news about Tentacles...

~ N e w W e b s i t e ~

We have a new Website! Many kudos to our lovely Judy Routt for the stunning work! Check it out: http://www.tentacles-convention.de

~ T h e I m m o r t a l H e r o b a n d ~

S t a f f o r d, Greg
The Godfather of Glorantha is sorry to n o t be able to attend this year. But he sent the ancestors with gifts and blessings that will help us to summon and strenghten the Glorantha Tribe Wyter! He promised to be back next year!

H u g h e s, John
We are proud to have the feet of this Gloranthan Veteran (from Down Under) touch continental Europe soil the first time for Tentacles! John will heroform Greg Stafford for us this year! John is t h e heortling law speaker of the tribe, co-author of 'Thunder Rebels', Wyter of Glorantha Con VIII., Editor of 'Moonrites', 3D artist and poet from the Far Place. He will kick-start our Glorantha/HeroQuest programme!

P e t e r s e n, Sandy
Tentacles is deeply in love with this Great Old One and he loves us back! The bald mastermind behind Call of Cthulhu will be back and again hurl more games and fun at us then we will be able to digest! Last year Sandy could not recharge his gameboy for his flight back home so he decided to write a Call of Cthulhu FreeForm for us instead. We will proudly host his 'Evil High Priest'! Watch out - this time he will bring his family!

O ' B r i e n, Michael
MOB aka Mr. Maximum Game Fun, Sun County Czar, The Inflatable Giant Trollball Referee, former Australien Denizen now Satrap of Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) is back for Tentacles! He will team up with John Hughes as Giant Trollball Referee and Co-GM 'Bad ‘Boon Rising / Beak No Evil' with him!

W h i t a k e r, Lawrence
Loz almost a legend, true Eternal Champion, a Straw Dog and good friend will be back! Hozzah! Loz will spearhead the Eternal Champion events and games at Tentacles! Loz wrote a fresh Hawkmoon scenario for us called 'Skay'ana's Tears'! We will of course ply him with enough drinks again to get him to read some of his latest works as well.

B r a y, Simon
Simon is alive and kicking despite having a real job and being father, husband, author, artist and editor of far too many great Glorantha material and one of the nicest guys on the face of the earth and under the sun! Simon will host his new Glorantha FreeForm 'Harem Nights' which will put Fonrit back on the map!

D u n h a m, David
David was Producer, Designer, and Programmer for 'King of Dragon Pass'. He edited the 'Enclosure' fanzine, and created the popular 'PenDragon Pass' rules variant. He maintains an extensive Glorantha web site. David will run a 2nd age Jurestal HeroQuest game for us!

B r o o k e, N i c k
Infamous scourge of RuneQuest, Gloranthan and HeroQuest mailing lists, Megacorp author, convention guest, wit, raconteur and singer. Nick will be hosting his Singalong and a fresh game. Nick is co-founder of the Lokarnos.com website.

S c h u e t t e, Steffen
Tentacles is delighted to host Steffen Schuette this year. Steffen is one of the great legendary German RPG authors. He wrote the stunning CoC-Supplement 'Froschkönig-Fragmente' back in the Golden Laurin Age and the still unpublished Stormbringer campaign 'Arioch's Kinder' that started most of our staff playing Stormbringer. Steffen continues to write CoC-Material for Pegasus Press as well as fantasy novels. He will of course host a panel and run a game for us!

S c h i e m i c h e n, Wolfgang
T h e famed and feared German CoC gamemaster, teacher, actor and phantomist clown will be around again and unleash horror at random victims and the usual subjects!

~ M o n s t r o u s P r o g r a m m ~

F r i d a y, 28th May 2004

20:00 Tentacles Family Reunion
The official welcome to Tentacles Monstrous! Grab a handful of drinks, see the guests and be part of the happy family reunion!

21:00 Loz Reads again…
Watch Loz slaughter pages of his fresh writings, see him set the audience afire, and enjoy his beer!

21:00 Lesung: Buecher und das Necronomicon Buecher sind nicht nur von eigenwilliger Natur in 'Call of Cthulhu', sie haben auch ebenso eigenwillige Eigenschaften und eigenwillige Folgen. In den gelesenen Geschichten werden einige dieser Buecher vorgestellt, Geschichten, die in dem Quellenbuch selbst, aber auch in den 'Cthuloide Welten' veroeffentlicht werden. Eine Vorschau auf eines der kommenden Herbstereignisse des Cthulhu-Rollenspiels. Eine Lesung mit Wolfgang Schiemichen.

22:00 Heortling Poetry Slam
'Storm Skalds, Mead Mouths, Wind Weavers and Cattle Boasters!'

A feast of feasts, great joy in my telling: Orlanth your Host, Minlister your barrel man, and Roitina dancing free!

Bring your myths, stories, triads, riddles, kennings and cattle boasts to share in an evening of Orlanthi entertainment, hosted by John Hughes, with a few kenning and story games thrown in.

Lunars and other exotics are also most welcome, but check your scimitars at the door.

To help you prepare, check the Heortling Poetry page at: http://home.iprimus.com.au/pipnjim/questlines/skald.html8th

00:00 Singalong
Due to the continued popularity of this event among guests and the resulting demand of neighbours downtown and the local police force we will have to locate Nick Brooke and his choir inside the castle again. Please keep the windows closed and the doors shut!

S a t u r d a y, 29th May 2004

10:00 Mehr Spass mit Esoterik
Jeder, der fuer Rollenspiele wie 'Cthulhu' recherchiert, stoesst auf merkuerdige Fakten..., die er hoffentlich nicht glaubt, sondern kraeftig ausschlachtet. In diesem Workshop kann man lernen, wie man mysterioese Fakten fuers Rollenspiel recherchiert. Ausserdem basteln wir uns noch 'ne prima Weltverschwoerung und eine erfolgversprechende Geheimgesellschaft/Sekte. Ein Workshop von und mit Steffen Schuette.

11:00 Evil High Priest
Madness fills the void. Monolithic non-Euclidean doors open and a vast green corpulence oozes forth. Amorphous colossi of horror descend from the skies. Insane cultists intone ancient rituals of despair and destruction as humankind's brief reign draws close to its end. The stars are right! The Old Ones return in power and all their hideous glory!

Can heroic investigators stop this awful catastrophe! DON'T BE SILLY! This time we get to be the BAD guys!

Yes, it's the final Grand Conventicle to decide the fate of Earth. Which of the various horrendous Forces from Beyond will be able to take control of the world for its own nefarious lusts? And who will be the all-powerful minions of that conquering force? Will it include the degenerate Tcho-Tchos? The dreaded Silver Twilight Lodge? Or the loathsome cult of the Deep Ones?

You decide as we meet in an all-villain game of gibbering madness written by the Great Old Bald One Sandy Petersen himself. Play as Wilbur Whateley, the Shoggoth, or even Great Cthulhu itself!

S i g n - u p: Booked out

D a t a: For 31 Players

11:00 Heroes in Hall
'Heortling Hero Bands and Anglo-Saxon Comitatus' With the coming of the Hero Wars, hero bands have become an increasingly important institution in Sartarite society. In many ways they challenge the old bonds of clan and kin, with profound and far-reaching effects. In this seminar John Hughes uses Tacitus’ Germania and the history of the Anglo-Saxon comitatus (war bands) in Dark Age England to reflect on hero bands in our own campaigns. With piccies. And poetry.

19:00 Warriors Went to Whitewall
'The New World Can Be Healed. Whitewall Must Fall!'

Whitewall, the last unconquered Orlanthi city. The last temple of Orlanth. A two and a half year siege. The beginning of the Hero Wars.

King Broyan. Kallyr Starbrow. Fazzur Wideread. Tatius the Bright. The Crimson Bat. Haughty Darra Happans. Surly Lunars. Smelly Sartarites. Vengeful Volsaxi. More heroes per square metre than Gimpys or the Glamour Baths!

Joerg Baumgartner, Nick Brooke and John Hughes introduce the city the siege, and the Whitewall project.

Warriors went to Whitewall	Came to Kallyr's calling
Kheldon Queen called clans	True champions came

19:30	The Wonder of Clanking City

Two Mostali workcrews have dug a tunnel into the Clanking City to search for the eternal grease. Both Mostali foremen want to be the first to sink their hands into the eternal grease but they have to co-operate in order to achieve their goal.

Will they be able to upgrade their Mostali workers to cope with the obstacles in the Clanking City?

S i g n - u p: Booked out

D a t a: For 15 Mostali

20:00 Horror Lottery
Sandy will draw the names of the players for his Cthulhu game 'A Night at the Opera' out of the hat! Be there and pay 3,- Euro to join the Horror!

S u n d a y, 30th May 2004

11:00 Trollball! Uz!
A classic game, a classic setting and classic action with 'Ancient Live Action-Trollball Founding Giant Referees' John Hughes and MOB as well as Hereditary German Giant Referee Joerg Baumgartner! Be prepared to sing '12 days of Trollball', spend heroic support to your team and star players, pay respect to the Mistress Race Healer, chew on the yummy granite floor and watch out for the shiny giant boots!

12:00 Tentacles Group Photograph 4
Once again, let's squeeze on a professionally shot picture! Be there for indisputable proof that you have been here! Stay in position to record our 'Thank you!' video messages for our sponsors as well!

12:30 A Walk In Far Places
There's more to the Far Place than bustling Alda Chur! Join your authentic Orlanthi guide on a brisk walking tour of the Far Place, taking in the area's natural wonders, history, religion and myth. Wonder at the lava flows of Firetop, the SkyRiver, the frozen armies of Glasswall, the stark and soggy beauty of the gors and gallt. See real barbarians in their native steads! Visit cattle-rich Ironspike, see reconstructed Alone, attempt to gain entry to mysterious Amadhall. Sun Dome guards will be provided for all Lunar members of our party. Rain capes essential. Sponsored by the Ibex Moon Society.

14:00 Harem Nights
In the bazaar the storytellers and fakirs are chanting that the old world is dying and that Garangordos the Great Founder is returning to carve out a new one. The songs of the wise women who preach of new ways, new constellations and new moons drown their voices. In their towers and temples the sorcerers and priests prepare their potions, spells and prayers, new magic is being born into the world and they all seek to control it.

In the harem the courtesans whisper of the worries of their masters, as they anoint the brow of the bride to be. Her husband to be sits faraway waiting for his conquest to come, this wedding will change Fonrit and make him powerful and in Fonrit power is everything.

In the courtyards a blue skinned eunuch watches the rooftops, ever vigilant, ever mindful of his masters welfare. The great masarin lords sit upon their jewelled thrones counting their slaves and treasure, plotting against the changes to come.

Above the streets of the cities sit the great royal palaces, each countries ruler plots the downfall of the next, whilst trying to retain the stability of their own country and defend against the outside world. But the outsiders are coming, in the shadows lurks the thief, the assassin, the rebel and the pirate all-waiting for their moments to create havoc and destroy Fonrit.

To the east the dark jungles of Laskal beat to a different drum, the White Bear Warrior who came from the North has carved his empire, and now has departed leaving only his rapacious followers who look at Fonrit’s treasure with envy in their eyes. In the elf forests to the west the replanting has begun, the Umathelans and the Elves are on the march, expanding east into decadent Mondoro. To the north the seas churn, the monstrous malasp mermen rule the waters, their taxes grow stronger, their retributions worse. To the south the Nargan desert burns more deadly, and spews forth chaos, the people of Jolar, ancient enemies of Fonrit begin to move north, but in some cities they do not stand guard, but instead open their arms as if to welcome old friends.

This is Fonrit, a land of slaves and masters, where powerful tyrants dominate a huge underclass of impoverished slaves. It is a land of sowuks, bazaars, palaces and harems. It is a land of decadence that is about to crumble and be reborn; can you shape the new world to your own desires?

S i g n - u p: Booked out

D a t a: For 34 Players

20.00 John reads Greg
Watch John Hughes heroform Greg Stafford by reading material Mr. Stafford provided exclusively for this event.

21.00 The Auction
Rick Meints, Daniel Stanke and Eini will auction away all the precious games, books and trivia you want! You can pay with your creditcard!

24.00 Farewell
Have another drink, cheer all GM's, guests and the committee, shed a tear and burn a page of Daughters of Darkness!

~ M o n s t r o u s G a m e s ~

B a d 'B o o n R i s i n g / B e a k N o E v i l a two session, two team HeroQuest (kinda) module by John Hughes and friends, in the spirit of Terry Pratchett and Indlas Somer

Play the dread Pinfeather Gang – desperate duck bandits, 'ferocious fighting farce', and sometime Sartarite freedom fighters.

Play the furry bombardiers of the First Pavis Ballista, five superbly trained and dedicated Lunar baboons pledged to make the Far Place safe for personkind, if not for horses.

Match one band against the other (shudder) in a ruthless battle where only the Narrators walk tall!

For ten players and two narrators, with live action bits, tabletop bits, silly character voices and all the grubs you can eat. Check out all the dirt at http://home.iprimus.com.au/pipnjim/DvB/

~ ~ ~ ~

S t o r m h o l d o f S o u t h l a n d A night upon the walls of besieged Whitewall a single session storytelling multiform by John Hughes

The wind is cold tonight… When the blue arrow called, heroes from across Sartar journeyed to besieged Whitewall. They came for Orlanth, for Kallyr and for Broyan. They came for glory, to kill Lunars and win immortal fame in song. But lonely nights upon the wall are a far cry from the champions’ battle and toasting of heroes in hall. On the star watch there is time to reflect... on honour, courage, and loyalty... betrayal, cowardice and fear. In the lonely dark, memories are strong. But something else stalks the battlements this night.

'For this relief much thanks: 'tis bitter cold, And I am sick at heart.'

A dice-lite, atmospheric storytelling module for five weary sentries. To be run at night upon the walls of Stahleck.

~ ~ ~ ~

T h e O p e n S e a
a HeroQuest Episode by David Dunham

The Middle Sea Empire lays claim to the oceans, but much work remains to be done. After the Battle of Tanian's Victory, Fire has conquered Water. Second Age God-Learner shenanigans with David Dunham.

~ ~ ~ ~

A H a n g i n g a n d a H u n t i n g a HeroQuest Episode by MIB Mick Rowe and Darran Sims

The heroes must help the Clawfoot Clan rid itself of a terrible menace that has been ravaging their lands and killing their clansmen for the last two years. The Beast of Scar-Hill seems immune to all weapons and magic. How do you kill a creature that will not die?

~ ~ ~ ~

T h e D a r k H e a r t o f t h e D r a g o n L a n d s a HeroQuest Episode by MIB Darran Sims

Six years ago the Tarnda clan was abruptly attacked and obliterated by the ferocious Dragonewts for reasons unknown. The only known survivors were the clansmen that weren't there at the time.

They have occupied the Tarnda Tula since, fiercely guarding their new acquisition but haven't advanced out into anyone else's territory nor has anyone given any concern to their new neighbours for fear of the same happening to them.

Yet now there are reports that the Dragonewts have packed up and left, returning back to their city. A band of explorers and warriors have been gathered to investigate the deserted villages and to try to discover why the Dragonewts have suddenly left, why they attacked and held this land, and if there is anyone or anything left. However the main question at the back of everyone's head is 'Will the Dragonewts return?'

~ ~ ~ ~

L i f e & D e a t h
a HeroQuest Episode by André Jarosch

A new stead is build, and new arrivals have to find their place.

~ ~ ~ ~

A l l e s B a n a n e !
eine HeroQuest Episode von Alexander Dotor

Die Affen sind los! Aus der Traum von Ruhe und Besinnlichkeit - und das in Teshnos. Warum geht es hier zu wie im Affenhaus und was haben Bananen damit zu tun?

~ ~ ~ ~

D a s G e h e i m n i s d e r C u l b r e a B e r g e eine HeroQuest Episode von Karsten Sassenberg

Ereignisse in diesen Bergen werden von denen, welche das Geheimnis dieser Berge besser kennen mit Sorge beobachtet. Sollte der mächtige Riese Thorgeir obwohl schon lange tot doch noch Mächte besitzen welche jemand für sich einzusetzen vermag? Wer... und wie?

~ ~ ~ ~

A N i g h t a t t h e O p e r a
a Cthulhu Scenario by Sandy Petersen

Your small impoverished off-off-Broadway troupe has acquired a great find - the manuscript of the lost opera, 'Don Juan Triumphant'. It's magnificent! Your ticket to fame, fortune, and theatrical renown!

~ ~ ~ ~

S o m e t h i n g R o t t e n i n B a c h a r a c h a Cthulhu Scenario by Christian Frerichs

At the shores of the mighty 'Father Rhine' lies the small and lovely wine village of Bacharach. For centuries it was a quiet and peaceful place with old houses and medieval city walls. But now something evil crawls behind these walls ready to bring chaos and decay to all. Are you ready to face it?

~ ~ ~ ~

N i c k e l n k u l k
ein Cthulhu Abenteuer mit Steffen Schuette

Lange Reihe, Klint und Werder,
davor huete sich ein jeder!
Nickelnkulk ist auch nich besser,
denn da wohnen Menschenfresser!

Ein 'Cthulhu'-Abenteuer in den 20er Jahren fuer 4-6 Investigatoren, in denen die koloniale Vergangenheit des Deutschen Reiches die Gruppe an einen wahrhaft exotischen Schauplatz fuehrt: nach Braunschweig!

~ ~ ~ ~

S u c h t n a c h L e b e n
ein Cthulhu Abenteuer aus der Deutschlandbox mit Wolfgang Schiemichen

In diesen Jahren ist es nicht ungewoehnlich, dass sehr alte Maenner sehr junge Frauen heiraten, zumal wenn die Maenner noch ungeheuer jugendlich wirken und Geld haben. Ungewoehnlicher ist, fuer was der aeltere Herr als Maezen auftritt, von der Leiche, die man waehrend der Hochzeitsfeier findet, und das ist erst der Anfang einer uralten, sich staendig wiederholenden Geschichte...

~ ~ ~ ~

T h e P r i e s t e s s
ein Cthulhu Abenteuer aus 'Last Rites' mit Wolfgang Schiemichen

Selbstbewusste Frauen machen sich leicht unbeliebt, harsche Literaturkritikerinnen ebenso. Das kann ebenso heftige wie ungewoehnliche Reaktionen provozieren, was wiederum sehr ungesund sein kann fuer Kritiker wie Kritisierte und weit, weit in die Vergangenheit hineinfuehrt... eines jener Szenarien, die keinerlei Aussicht haben, jemals in Deutsch veroeffentlicht zu werden, und doch, irgend etwas hat es...

~ ~ ~ ~

W a t c h e r i n t h e B a y o u
ein Cthulhu Abenteuer aus einer 'Triad' Veroeffentlichung mit Wolfgang Schiemichen

aaah jaaah... Louisianna... kleine, im Schlamm versinkende Staedtchen, von Termiten zerfressen... dunkle, waessrige Kuestendschungel... verschollene Schiffe, gefuellt mit Gold...: brackige, mit Krokodilen gefuellte Sumpfseen, in der es immer irgendwo tropft und plaetschert und kichert... kichert?... brackige, stille, gruenliche Gewaesser, voll toten Schlamms... tot? Schrieb ich tot? Seit wann ist das tot, was ewig lebt ... und da es von TRIAD ist, darf es auch an Kultisten nicht fehlen... sicher ´n Klischee, aber die leben eh nicht lang... so wie die Charaktere...

~ ~ ~ ~

G o d k i l l e r
a Cthulhu Now Scenario by André Jarosch

The investigators will have to win a race against time to rescue the world from cthuloid destruction, again...

~ ~ ~ ~

C h e a p S e a t s
a Cthulhu Scenario by Matt Nixon

Welcome to 'A Bazaar of the Bizarre' - for one night only the Marquis de Death and the Saffron Wandering Players are performing for your pleasure a production of whimsy & wonder. Don't be late - It'll bring the house down…

~ ~ ~ ~

T h e C h i l d ' s T a i l
a Cthulhu Scenario by Sean Varney

The Congo 1986. Doc Anwort was a sleep when he heard the first shooting and the sound of men shouting. Some cut short as the unmistakable sound of a AK47 fired to end their pleading. Oh god, not here, not now, the good Doctor worried as he pulled on his boots. Not now, I have the villagers here as last safe, he reached over for his keys to the gun room. When the door flew open and hit the side wall with a bang. There standing in the doorway was what he had dreaded most: a guerrilla fighter from Jhony Hopes army. Behind the fight the flames of the fire sprang up silhouetting the small boy holding a gun half his size, with a dead look on his face the boy raised the gun and shoot. Then taking a knife he walked over to the doctors body and started to make it, the way he had been shown. Behind him stood a small group of children all looking on. Some in disgust some fascinated all transfixed. 'Soon…' Lemo said 'Soon you will see why bullets cannot harm us.'.

~ ~ ~ ~

D r e a m s & Fa n c i e s
ein Cthulhu Abenteuer aus dem 'Kingsport'-Sourcebook mit Karsten Sassenberg

Ein Mensch ertrinkt vor Kingsport. Aber warum war Charles Baxter ueberhaupt hier, und was war es das ihn in der letzten Zeit so umhertrieb?

~ ~ ~ ~

S k a y ' a n a ' s T e a r s
a Hawkmoon Scenario by Lawrence Whitaker

Kyrus is free from Granbretan's tyranny, and the adventurers, as part of the liberating force, are hailed as Heroes by the Kyriot people. It is natural, then, for the villagers of Bogazi to turn to the adventurers for help in a matter that troubles them deeply. Three years ago, their village was almost devastated by the Plague; now, their people are dying once more and, to the villagers' horror, the Plague-dead return to life. But the villagers have, by miraculous fortune, captured a demon that is surely the root of Bogazi's troubles. They have no experience of such things, and look to the adventurers help them to take the Right Course of Action and free Bogazi from its torment.

But is the demon all that it seems to be? Could the vile sorcery-science of the Dark Empire be at work? Or is it something far stranger, far older and far, far more dangerous?

~ ~ ~ ~

T h e B r o t h e r h o o d o f Z o r b a n – The Last Journey of Master Giljong
a Straw Dog Adventure in the World of Corum by Pittel

Join into the plane of Corum and the Straw Dog Campaign.

The Spharainians, a strange race from a distant world , fleeing from their eternal enemies across the multiverse.

The Straw Dogs, mercenaries with great reputation and the mission to protect these strangers.

But this time only Giljong, retired first officer of the Dogs, together with the brave Disciples of Zorban are able to defend the fugitives against the Mabden Pirates and their evil Lords of Chaos.

~ ~ ~ ~

A D a r k S h a d o w o v e r V i l m i r a Stormbringer Scenario by Carsten Strasen

'Good morning Mr. Hunt, you have done a fine job down in Dharijor. Your next mission goes to Vilmir: You and your IMF team (Island Marine Forces) have to track down and eliminate a Pan Tangian Assassin from the Sect of Mabelrode in Vilmir. As a rule of thumb (as it is always): If you or one of your team is killed or captured we deny any knowledge of your existence. Do you think this Mission is difficult? NO! This Mission is Impossible...'

~ ~ ~ ~

Mutter ? !
a Hawkmoon Scenario by Michael Kutschan

Granbretans Serpent Masks search for new knowledge all over Europe. Beneath the famous city of Berlin is an ancient Maze of Tunnels, build a thousands of years. NOW the serpent masks have found something which could destroy their own empire...

~ ~ ~ ~

S o m e K i n d o f a M o n s t e r
a Stormbringer Scenario by Pittel

At dawn, when the mist of Straasha is defeated by the sunray of Kakatal in the Bay of Menii, the Horror from last night is shown to humanity. There is an Evil, the Purple Towns have not seen since the demon lords of Melniboné vanished. Brenwick, Sgt of the City Guards, and his team are the only ones who can prevent that the purple rocks of Menii turn blood-red.

~ ~ ~ ~

T h e P i r a t s o f t h e G r e a t I c e a Eternal Champion Adventure by Sean Varney

One woman stands Alone

A world at war

An old debt to be paid

Who will stand up to face to past?

Who will pay the price?

Who will fight?

~ ~ ~ ~

C r e d o !
hosted by Nick Brooke

The Game of the Early Church" (previously published by Chaosium and Multisim). Debate the Nature of Christ beneath the watchful eye of the Eastern Emperor... and hope the Wrath of God doesn't strike your Patriarch down for heresy! Some copies will be available for playtesters to purchase.

~ ~ ~ ~

B r i n g m e t h e H e a d o f W o l f g a n g A m a d e u s a 'My Life with Master' Scenario from Samuel Willcocks

Dr. Joseph Hyrtl is a man obsessed. He collects skulls, sending his minions out into the streets of nineteenth-century Vienna to gather the craniums of Austrians, Serbs, Italians, Germans, Jews, Croats, Gypsies, Rumanians, Serbs and sundries so that he can prove his anthropometric theories.

You are his long-suffering servants, and each of you is somehow both more and less than human. (There's never been any doubt that Dr. Hyrtl is a brilliant surgeon. He's just a bit of a nutcase as well.) If only you could find a way to stand up to his bullying demands! He grows more insistent by the day, and his latest ultimatum is that you find for him the skull of a genius. Buried somewhere in an unmarked grave is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart...

A game for three to five minions and a deck of cards. This game can be run in English or German, depending on demand, but be warned that a German version will involve my pitiable attempts at a Viennese accent.

~ ~ ~ ~

T h e T e n t a c l e s M o n s t r o u s M u n c h k i n g T o u r n a m e n t 2 0 0 4 Hosted by the MIB's Darran Simms and Simon Bray Prizes by Steve Jackson Games

The MIB are going to be at Tentacles in force (well a couple of us at least). So we have decided to hold a Munchkin Open Championship, to see who is the Monstrous Tentacled Munchking 2004. This will be a knock out challenge. The championship is open to anyone who has or hasn't played Munchkin before. There will be the opportunity for those who have not played the before to be given a demonstration game, I can assure you that when you have played the game once, you are more than capable of becoming a tournament champion. We do have prizes for the overall winner of the game who will be coronated on Sunday Night. There is also a special prize for the person who is declared 'The Biggest Super-Munchkin in the World', this person may not have won their heat, but they were voted the nastiest player by their opponents. The tournament is free to enter. However we could do with the help of anyone who has got a copy of Munchkin available, we need as many boxes as possible to assure a that everyone who wants to play gets a game. It does not matter if these are the standard or expanded versions, however no Space Munchkin or Munchkin Fu in this tournament please.

Please note that during the course of the weekend there will be several non-tournament Munchkin demos by the MIB's (including Space Munchkin). Also keep an eye out for our list of HeroQuest Demo's, if you are an RQ grognard and will never change your ways then come along and let us persuade you otherwise, if you are a complete Gloranthan novice then let us show you the light!

Simon Bray and Darran Simms

~ O t h e r M o n s t r o u s E v e n t s ~

Beer cards, Random Infoshrine Madness, Illumination of the Castle, SFX, Card- and Boardgames, Independet Glorantha Publishing Panel...



~ Tentacles Monstrous ~
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