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From: Donald R. Oddy <>
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 12:35:10 GMT

In message <000301c441dc$0051fc00$0302a8c0_at_master> "Jane Williams" writes:

>Trouble is, back in KoS days we had exactly one example of how all this
>worked out in practise: Minaryth Blue, who seems to have spent half his
>young life being orphaned and running away. We now have a new model of How
>It Works, with "testing" and "new adults" and so on, and again, one detailed
>example, who is of course entirely typical of your standard Heortling...
>(struggles to keep a straight face, chokes on wine) - OK, is possibly
>typical of some of those PC tomboys.... No, not even that. But at least
>this example shows what can be possible, if you're weird.
>Initiation to adulthood at age 14.

Bit late for a girl.

>Then "tests" in Vinga, same year. I assume her parents thought Vinga was the
>obvious way ahead.

I reckon that was her choice, especially as the youngster usually gets their choice first.

>Next year, "tests" in Rigsdal. Presumably her idea.

Parents trying to limit the damage.

>Year after that, now aged 16, initiates to Vinga and Vanganth. Her parents
>must have been right. But Vanganth?? A cult previously unmentioned?

Definitely something screwed up there, perhaps she's just being awkward.

>And a few years later, finally initiates to Rigsdal...

Mother knows best.

>No, I'm not saying this is typical. Not at all. But does it help a little?

As an illustration of the 15% of 15%, very good. When all the PCs try and get something similar past the narrator it's a bit much.

In more general terms I think the gods overrule the normal routine quite often by selecting people and woe betide any parent or clan who tries to force a youngster against that choice.

Donald Oddy

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