RE: [Glorantha] Heortling initiation: the example

From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 07:05:23 +0100

> >Initiation to adulthood at age 14.
> Bit late for a girl.

Related to puberty - and this discussion could get biological fast, but remember that modern girls mature faster than historical ones. No, I do not have figures to hand.

> >Year after that, now aged 16, initiates to Vinga and Vanganth. Her
> >parents must have been right. But Vanganth?? A cult previously
> >unmentioned?
> Definitely something screwed up there, perhaps she's just
> being awkward.

Her? Awkward?? Surely not :)

> >And a few years later, finally initiates to Rigsdal...
> Mother knows best.

Mother was out of the picture by then, but could be.

> >No, I'm not saying this is typical. Not at all. But does it help a
> >little?
> As an illustration of the 15% of 15%, very good. When all the
> PCs try and get something similar past the narrator it's a bit much.

Agreed. But it seems to be the only worked example we have.

> In more general terms I think the gods overrule the normal
> routine quite often by selecting people and woe betide any
> parent or clan who tries to
> force a youngster against that choice.

Yes, I think this is the way to go for PCs who want something out of the ordinary. And it may be what happened in that example, too.

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