RE: [Glorantha]Gorp: Ooze up Walls 15?

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Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 09:41:22 +0100

Hey Kurt
IMG, gorp can not only climb up walls and hand from ceilings but also: fly, explode, appear harmless, wear disguises and hold conversations.

If you want a gorp to climb, sing or write poetry for your story, then = just do it!! The story will be the richer because of it! You don't need = to simulate an RQ gorp ;)

I believe a good credo for running a HQ story is: The Story is all = important; the game system is there to support.

Hope this helps!


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Neither the RQ2 or RQ3 rulebook write-ups of gorp mention oozing up = walls, but
_River of Cradles_ defines Zoomer as not being able to climb up vertical
surfaces, implying that normal gorp can. _Anaxial's Roster_ and
_HeroQuest_ both say gorp have "Ooze up Walls 15". Have gorp always
been able to climb walls (and hang from ceilings)? If not, when did this trait appear in the publishing history of Glorantha? --=20
T. Kurt Bond,

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