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From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 12:26:36 +0100 (BST)

> Jane and Donald have been talking about a distinctly
> unusual initiation history.

I did warn you :(

> > >Initiation to adulthood at age 14.
> >
> > Bit late for a girl.
> It's probably late according the theory in Thunder
> Rebels. It's early
> according to the description of initiation in King
> of Sartar, which was
> the state-of-play when this story began.

This timeline comes from OiD, so I suspect the TR description is the one we're working to.

> By the way, I thought I'd read somewhere that she
> initiated to Ernalda at 14.

> Is that a mis-reading of the standard
> Heortling and communal Storm pantheon initiation,

It sounds to me like "Initiation to adulthood".

> This is a special case, but it's where the lack of
> apparent Ernaldan
> initiation becomes a concern. Is the idea of having
> to go through
> Ernalda to reach Vinga a later addition to the
> corpus?

Sorry, you've lost me. Later than what?

> Was this when Rigsdal was a standalone god rather
> than a subcult of Humakt or Elmal?

Rigsdal was, AFAIK, invented for HW, there is only one version of the write-up, and he can indeed be a stand-alone god (though this is weird!). Her stats for 1621 show only one Affinity from her Rigsdal membership, though, which sounds a bit odd if he's stand-alone in this case? I don't have the books with me in work, though.

> If this is Vanganth as a subcult of Orlanth ...
> She's a Vingan already, and Vinga is the path to
> Orlanth for women, so
> she's effectively picking up another Vingan subcult.

That was my thought. Later she swaps to Vinga Dar - it's just a case of *which* version of Vinga she picks to start with, perhaps?

> Um, maybe not as much as a few typical case studies
> would help. :-)

Oh, agreed. I wish there were some. Later books, perhaps, or have I missed some? I'd expect this sort of backstory to be a standard part of character generation, myself, are there examples in there that I've missed?

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