[Glorantha]The moon is a disc?

From: Mikko Rintasaari <rintasaa_at_mail.student.oulu.fi>
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 15:10:40 +0300 (EEST)

<Joerg writes>
> Or, more specifically, high over the Crater, on whose flank Glamour sits.
> > When you move away from glamour the moon is
> > always in the direction of Glamour, just like there was a large object
> > hovering over the city.
> In my book this is true outside of the Glowline. Greg repeatedly told us
> on conventions that inside the Glowline the moon appears to have reached
> its designated position in Buserian's Frame.

Hmm... Ok. I've actually tought that the moon, which is in middle air, and not the sky (isn't it?) isn't high enough to be an actual celestial body, but is a rather large presense above the crater (instead of appearing to be infinitely high). The presense of the silver bridge to the moon must have influenced this impression. Then again there are things like the pharaoh's bridges accross the Holy Land. I don't think anybody walks them mile-after-mile, but rather a short pleasant walk. No doub't it's the same with walking to the moon.

> > So when you are far-far away, the moon looks smaller (duh!),
> Doesn't. Or at least, to be that far-far away, you'll have to leave the
> Middle World entirely.

I was thinking that inside the Empire, or at least near the Silver Shadow, the moon actually look pretty large. Outside the empire it looks just like a celestial body.

> Mikko's model basically describes a moon disk, not a sphere, smeared onto
> the border of the skies, always viewed from below (aka bendy light
> irritation). It could be spherical, but then he'd have to admit different
> views from different directions.

Not a disc, a picture (or a one directional hologram) of a sphere. :)

Bit yes, like a picture of the moon, always pointing towards you. You can only find the strangeness out by starting to travel around the moon.

I still have big trouble imagining how it will look at the center if it is not like this. Especially if it really appears to be a huge object thousands of miles high. Basically everybody will just see the underside.

But since the moon's surface the surface of the inner face of the crater, it doesn't even have the other side. Well, no doubt it does, but not in a way that can be seen from the mundane world.


But guys. I don't really expect to turn the heads of the people who came up with the rotating-shadow-moon, since it's been "canon" for so long. I just wanted to point out it's problems, and offer one solution, and a model of how one can read the sources.

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