RE: [Glorantha]Gorp: Ooze up Walls 15?

From: T. Kurt Bond <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 15:19:28 -0400 writes:
> IMG, gorp can not only climb up walls and hand from ceilings but also:
> fly, explode, appear harmless, wear disguises and hold conversations.
> If you want a gorp to climb, sing or write poetry for your story,
> then just do it!! The story will be the richer because of it! You
> don't need to simulate an RQ gorp ;)

> I believe a good credo for running a HQ story is: The Story is all
> important; the game system is there to support.

Oh yes, I agree: gorp in my campaign can do whatever I want them to or whatever the story needs, regardless of whether I'm running them in HQ, RQ, or BESM. MGWV.

My question (poorly framed, no doubt) was not intended to be about any rule-system-specific representation of a gorp or their dramatic possibilities but first about the abstract, ideal gorp and secondly about the publishing history of gorp.

I'll go to HeroQuest-rules for rule-system details; I'll go to HeroQuest-RPG for non-rule-system aspects of running a HeroQuest game. I asked here because I was interested in the those aspects that *aren't* immediately relevant to running a game, the bits that people on HQ-Rules and HQ-RPG worry will overwhelm and traumatize those new to Glorantha. ("Do gorp hang from ceilings? Do ducks have teeth? Is this town named yet?")

I want to know: was the wall-climbing was there from the beginning, a later refinement, or simply a cross-pollination from the amorphous monsters of other roleplaying games? Where in the pubishing history do wall-climbing gorp appear, other than in _River of Cradles_? Are there RQ2 or RQ3 adventures that have gorp dropping from the ceiling? And so forth.

This is, admittedly, the sort of intertextual question that's of limited interest, and there might be no responses at all.

T. Kurt Bond,


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