RE: [Glorantha] Heortling initiation: the example

From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 00:25:57 +0100

 Donald R. Oddy:
> >> >Initiation to adulthood at age 14.
> >>
> >> Bit late for a girl.
> >
> >Related to puberty ..

> Of course Glorantha may not work the same way which means
> we're straying off topic.

It starts to get into the length of the Gloranthan Year (shorter than ours), how long nine months corresponds to (one year, probably), and eventually the length of "moon cycles". Let's not go there. We all know, all too well, that the pretence that a Gloranthan year is the same as a RW year, despite containing considerably fewer 24-hour days, is just that - a pretence to save us doing sums. But we need it, because we don't like sums.

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