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From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_quicksilver.net.nz>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 12:52:18 +1200

Terra wrote:

> > I generally think of Sheng as evil in the same way that the Kingdom of
> > War is evil.

>I don't think Martin Laurie [Main worker for current Pentan steppe and some
>good [my POV] Sheng story with Sheng's spiritual struggle] would agree with
>you, though I don't have access to GTA proper archive. Maybe Greg might side
>with you, I worry about it.

I'm not interested in second hand guesses at what other people might think. They can speak for themselves here.

> > > > I do not believe Godunya can pass on through Utuma. He has already
> > > > done so when Sheng Seleris came and negated that by his return.

>Greg didn't mention anything about Godunya's return to Kralorela in
>Glorantha Con #4 Compendium IIRC.

I know. But he returned nevertheless. The precedent for returning is Daruda in Revealed Mythologies p82-82.

> > Now he lingers in a senile state waiting for a natural end.

>Then how modern kralori can reach Summerland Heaven? I think this might mean
>Kralori populace is deceived by Godunya.

The Kralori can reach Summerland Heaven when Godunya dies. All that I've said is that he cannot use utuma to so. It doesn't prevent him from passing on through natural causes.

> > Actually it was in the original glorantha: intro drafts.

>I am not sure [as you?] why some of your idea was negated by Greg, simply
>for space restriction, or for rejected?

Space is primarily my guess. Although I should add that it's hardly canon.

>Though I hesitate to face your use of term "utuma" simply means commiting

What's the matter with the Kralori using utuma to commit ritual suicide?

> > A statue of Sheng Seleris was blessed and thrown beneath the
> waters to
> > indicate that no longer would he be propitiated. The Archexarch of
> War
> > fumed throughout the funeral and afterwards ordered several
> regiments to
> > commit utuma for insufficient discipline.

>I am not sure why you could link Sheng with ShangHsa, as far as I read old
>Genertela Box, it didn't mention anything about such in the "funeral" box.

I haven't linked Sheng Seleris with ShangHsa. I've simply interpreted the "unnamed, frightening deity of the future" that appears in the writings of ShangHsa as Sheng Seleris.

>Do you assume pacifist Yao Fune advocate the Funeral....?

No. Yao Fune made a prophecy, the Kralori funeral is an attempt to test that Prophecy (although there's a number of reasons besides the official reason as to why the funeral went ahead).

>And I am not sure Kralori
>xenophobia reaches such level even in Magical World.

What xenophobia are you talking about?

> > I should point out that I think the Mandala is a representation of the
> > ancient Wheel of Life that was used by Shavaya and others. Hence it
> > would be found not only in Kralorela but Teshnos (where they have
> > dwarf made prayer wheels), Vormain and perhaps Ignorance. Daruda
> > developed a draconic version of the Mandala.

>Please see my note on the discussion with Alex, about definition of term of
>"Mandala". It is not Glorantha official term IIRC and Greg didn't use it
>formerly. We can't discuss anything about it without clear definition.

I don't understand the need for the definition. A Mandala is a depiction of the cosmos and can take many forms.

--Peter Metcalfe

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