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representation of a gorp or their dramatic possibilities but first about the abstract, ideal gorp and secondly about the publishing history of gorp.
Speaking as an actor and a gorp I am always frustrated by the limited number of roles offered for gorp in modern theatre. Oh yes, I admit that there is that play where the main character is a gorp but even then famous productions have used human actors "gorped" up in a load of slimey-pseudo gorp. Often I am  forced to accept roles where I am jsut a token gorp, some dreadful monster oozing around dark wells and such like with very litte, if any, dialogue. The abstract, ideal gorp! Now, there is a concept. A group of us interested in gorp-philosophy have only recently discussed this very concept. No firm
conclusions were reached.
Alas, publishing is not the forte of gorp, and it is nigh on impossible for aspiring Gorp authors to get published. Oh, sure, leave a trail of slime in the shape of words, but really, most gorp can hardly read, let alone ooze in a coherent manner. Besides, if one oosed in Auld Wyrmish one would soon dry out. The one famous scholarly work, called "Gorp", a fanzine, was proven to be an elaborate hoax probably carried out by the Gorp Defamation League. Yours,
PS: apologies for non-useful answer but this is the best question on the digest for ages.

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