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From: Andrew Larsen <aelarsen_at_mac.com>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 10:42:00 -0500

    When I think of the ideal gorp, I am immediately reminded of Plato's Ideal Forms. The notion that there is an Ideal Form of Gorp out there is an interesting, and somewhat alarming one.

    Gorp are certainly the least developed type of baddie in Glorantha. Broo and Scorpion Men have their own cults and cultures, but gorp just have pits and slime trails. Players also tend to get very bored with gorp. The first time they run into gorp they're scared, but after that gorp become very old hat. As a GM, I have to work hard to keep players alarmed by gorp. I once even resorted to sentient gorp.

    Not that any of this is a substantive contribution to the question of gorp.

Andrew E. Larsen

> From: Kmnellist_at_aol.com
> representation of a gorp or their dramatic
> possibilities but first about the abstract, ideal gorp and secondly
> about the publishing history of gorp.
> Speaking as an actor and a gorp I am always frustrated by the limited number
> of roles offered for gorp in modern theatre. Oh yes, I admit that there is
> that play where the main character is a gorp but even then famous productions
> have used human actors "gorped" up in a load of slimey-pseudo gorp. Often I am
> forced to accept roles where I am jsut a token gorp, some dreadful monster
> oozing around dark wells and such like with very litte, if any, dialogue.
> The abstract, ideal gorp! Now, there is a concept. A group of us interested
> in gorp-philosophy have only recently discussed this very concept. No firm
> conclusions were reached.

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