[Glorantha]Tarsh and Chaos

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Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 12:46:47 EDT

She wasn't. The nearest Orlanthi were on the other side of the Pelorian Basin when she was born. Sedenya was a weapon against the _Carmanians_.

Beautiful post from Peter. I'd like to add that I think Sedenya was a Carmanian weapon that was used against the Carmanians. The Seven Mothers, IMO, were more Carmanian than anything else. The Lunar Empire, also IMO, has inherited more from it's Carmanian predecessor than from Dara Happa. A sort of WMD used by disaffected Dukes to rebel and fight against another Carmanian faction, aided by a ragtag of peasants, barbarians and mutant chaos bats and, worst of all, women.

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