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>I don't follow this. Do you mean that women not initiated into Ernalda would
>not have children? I can't see that Chalana Arroy initiates wold not want
>children because they are dedicated to healing. Most similar restrictions
>follow because the goddess was herself chaste or had no children. Chalana
>Arroy has at least one son, Arroin, and was a pretty dedicated healer

The discussion started about the effect on fertility of a Heortling woman who wasn't initiated into the Ernalda pantheon. I was going though the possible goddesses who might claim a child before that initiation. In that limited case the healer might choose not to bear children.

>> Ana Gor - goddess of death, so probably infertile.
>> Babeester Gor - we know are infertile.
>Are they? I didn't realise.
>> Maran Gor - more Tarsh than Heortling, appears to have some link
>> with fertility there.
>Really? My impression was that Maran Gor was even harsher and more infertile
>than Babeester Gor. She turned her back on her fertility, traded it away for
>death abilites and never took a mate. Babeester Gor, however, was born to
>kill yet has taken mates and is no virgin goddess. Now, virginity does not
>necessarily equate to infertility, but Maran Gor seems drier and less fertile
>than Babeester Gor.

According to ST Babeester Gor worshippers never love, have sex or become pregnant whereas Maran Gor has no such prohibition. All the Gor sisters are associated with death rather than life but in some cases that's modified by new life coming from blood sacrifice.

>What about Asrelia, Ty Kora Tek and Voria? They are the other part of the
>classic six-fold Earth Goddesses. Asrealia is as fertile as they come, as is
>Voria, even though she is a virgin. Ty Kora Tek is goddess of the Underworld,
>but I can't remember if she is actually barren. Are they all subcults or
>Ernalda? I can't remember in HW/HQ.

Asrelia and Ty Kora Tek are the goddesses of women past child bearing. The cult has the requirement that they are Ernaldan, which again I'm taking as meaning Ernaldan pantheon rather than a specific subcult. Voria is the goddess of girl children so potentially fertile rather than actually so.

Donald Oddy


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