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From: Topi Pitkänen <topi.pitkanen_at_helsinki.fi>
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2004 17:53:18 +0300

> Ah, is this one of the changes for new Glorantha? The writeup of the
> Earth Goddesses in Wyrms Footnotes/Wyrms Footprints says that Maran Gor
> traded her mating for death and Babeester Gor is no virgin and has
> husbands and lovers, with chidren as well (Wyrms Footprints p 52).
> It would be a shame if this has changed.

>> This I believe has been swapped. Babeester is now the >> barren defender of the earth.

>>> I really can't envisage a fanatic avenger goddess >>> getting close enough to a man to mate.

I agree with the above.

Just developed a feeling that there may be explanations for this seemingly contradictory older and more accurate newer material.

Generally I hold that very few of the old sources have wrong information contained, just different perspectives, allthough usually less valid than the recent.

Babeester's husbands and lovers might not have been living entities but spirits and passed loved ones of the storm/earth tribe. After all following Babeester being killed by Ovodaka (ST pg 202) and killing Ovodaka in return she was called Ura - the pleasant one. Why?

In the deep temple of the Snakepipe hollow Babeester once sent her combative spirits to support heroic avenger godling Baroshi from *the other side* of the wall. WF seems to suggest that Babeester's children are spirits. It could conclude that Baroshi's fight with the demon Osporopo occured at late chaos age when even Babeester Gor had left the world to stand guard at Ernaldas slumbering corpse.

A secret reward after death for fanatic followers of the avenging goddess might be all the sex, sleep and comfort they were deprived of in life. Until the necessity for revenge arises again...

-Topi Pitkanen-

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