RE: [Glorantha]Babeester Gor = Erantha Gor

From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2004 18:21:07 +0100

> > Ah, is this one of the changes for new Glorantha?

> It was changed, and I agree it's a shame. I liked the
> origilan clear vision on the Earth goddesses. Babeester Gor
> has become a monster, even in comparison to the fierce
> earth-protector of RQ days. Another goddess has taken her
> place, Erantha Gor, if I recall it properly.

Yes, it seems that anyone who previously had a BG PC or follower either needs to change them completely, or cross out "Babeester Gor" and write "Erantha Gor". To be followed by everyone who encounters them saying "who"?

I can see that perhaps the new, unplayable, completely monstrous Earth Goddess was needed. But why not apply the new name to the new goddess, and leave the old one we knew and loved(?) unchanged?

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