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Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 13:19:05 +0100

Hey Erik

Whilst I don't have any actual idea of the font name you're after, = here's a way to find out:

scan the font example you wish to find out about and then use this web = page:
to upload, analyse and discover the name of the font.

Of course, if you're referring to the runes, this probably won't work! = :)



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My name's Erik Brickman, and I live in Sweden, Europe. I have a = question:=20
the font style of the lettering on the box front of Avalon Hill's = version of=20
RQ (RQIII), what is that? I mean what font is the text "Runequest" = written=20
in? Does anyone know?

Please help!

Kindest regards, Erik Brickman.

Chatt: Tr=E4ffa nya n=E4tkompisar p=E5 Habbo Hotel=20

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