Re: [Glorantha]Avalon Hill RQ font

From: S. Ben Melhuish <>
Date: Fri, 04 Jun 2004 09:15:38 -0700

Erik Brickman wrote:

> ... the font style of the lettering on the box front of Avalon 
> Hill's version of RQ (RQIII), what is that? I mean what font is the text 
> "Runequest" written in? Does anyone know?

That looks like Benguiat Medium
( to me. (The Benguiat family also includes lighter and heavier variants and an italic version.) wrote:

> scan the font example you wish to find out about and then use this
web page:
> to upload, analyse and discover the name of the font.

Another resource is Identifont ( It asks you a series of questions, and looks like a typography novice could use it (i.e. it explains any technical terms it uses). It works best if you have lots of text to work with, but you can specify a small set of letters (e.g. Q, R, e, n, s, t, and u), and it'll do the best it can.

Barely OT: Identifont seems like a web site for the kind of narrowly focussed and mostly-useless knowledge a Lankhor Mhy devotee would love.

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