RE: [Glorantha] Missing White Moonie City

From: Nick Brooke <>
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2004 06:41:50 +0100

> Peter McAveney:

>> I'm trying to track down a reference to a city founded by the white 
>> moonies which later mysteriously disappeared... Does anyone remember
>> which book this is in?

> Doesn't ring a bell with me nor does a search of the ILH-1
> index turn up anything.
> Furthermore I'm not aware of a similar motif elsewhere. It's
> a cool idea tho and probably should be in glorantha...

It's something Greg mentioned at Tentacles several years ago as one of the Hero Wars events inside the Empire. IIRC, those warped Hon-eel cultists from the Kingdom of Ignorance (i.e. Alanthore worshippers) may or may not be doing Horrible Things to the White Moonies, either before, during or after the disappearance.

IMG, I'd combine this with my idea for abusing the Glowline generated by one Reaching Moon Temple so as to create a "force field" barrier around a Lunar city. Then you can do whatever you like on the inside. With my warped sense of balance, I'd have life on the inside become deeply unpleasant, while the rulers proclaimed that outside was even worse. Shades of Manarlavus' Dome, for those GRAY-ishly inclined. (And we all know who was chucked out of Manarlavus' Dome, right?)

There may be more material in GTA member documents, I can't recall.

Cheers, Nick

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