Re: [Glorantha]Missing White Moonie City

From: Adam Betteridge <>
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2004 18:34:17 +1000

I seem to remember White Moon cultists being sent to The River of = Cradles in Life of Moonson yet none of them ever turned up. This was = uncovered by Jaxarte Whyded during his census.

Where they went may be your hidden White Moon city


  Peter McAveney:

>I'm trying to track down a reference to a city founded by the white=20
>moonies which
>later mysteriously disappeared. I spent last night frantically =
skimming KoS,
>G:Ittwh, and G:Cothw without success. I probably skimmed right past =
it. Does
>anyone remember which book this is in?

  Doesn't ring a bell with me nor does a search of the ILH-1 index turn = up=20
  Furthermore I'm not aware of a similar motif elsewhere. It's a cool = idea
  tho and probably should be in glorantha...

  --Peter Metcalfe

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