[Glorantha]The God Learner's secret

From: Kevin P. McDonald <paul_mcdonald_at_ncsu.edu>
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2004 10:21:18 -0400

Jane replies:

>>Jane knows the secret of the God Learners! I am leaving right now,
>>before the Gift Carriers arrive... ;)
>Sadly, no. I know what it is in *my* Glorantha, but not in Greg's.
Personally, I think an official statement of what the God Learner secret is would be anticlimactic. I much prefer that some things remain a disturbing mystery. If it were answered, would it be nearly as interesting?

Minaryth Fuchsia: "Eureka! After years of grueling research I have discovered the secret of the God Learners." Apprentice Loon Quill: "Really? What is it! What is it!" Minaryth Fuchsia: "42"

~Kevin McD


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