[Glorantha]Re: God Learner Secret

From: <mrmob_at_emirates.net.ae>
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 16:55:04 +0400

/Personally, I think an official statement of what the God
/Learner secret is would be anticlimactic. I much prefer that
/some things remain a disturbing mystery. If it were answered,
/would it be nearly as interesting?

Agree, which is way I have never asked my wife Susan what it is. She was told the God Learner's Secret long ago when we were visiting the US.

However, my wife:

  1. has utterly *no interest* in Glorantha whatsoever; and,
  2. is a woman of infinite discretion (her job after all, involves keeping secrets).

All I know is it can be expressed in a short sentence. This was enough to drive Steve Martin nuts trying to pry the secret out of her, and ascertaining if the words included such things as "and" or "the". She remains tightlipped to this day.


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