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From: Michael & Susan O'Brien <mrmob_at_emirates.net.ae>
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 22:14:01 +0400


I just want to share in the positive vibes that German Tentacles was as enjoyable as ever (thanks Fabian and crew!), and also that I had a blast playing in Harem Nights.

Congratulations to Simon and his GMs Colin, Baz and Rick for their great efforts bringing this freeform off, in particular the dramatic, amusing and thoroughly satisfying ending (well it was satisfying for my character). I also enjoyed confusing the gaggles of German tourists in my Relative of Osama bin Laden outfit and getting Daniel Fahey hooked on sheesha.

It was great catching up with old friends, including fellow antipodean John Hughes who we could not believe had not seen each other for 9 years (not since RQW Con Down Under in Melbourne, 1996!), as well as meeting many new ones. John wore himself out entertaining everyone in his Guest of Honour duties, and after my character had his whacked midway through the freeform, cracked everyone up as the brain-eating Admiral of my fleet.

It was a shame Nick couldn't make it, but I had the opportunity to catch up with him London afterwards and let him know that he was sorely missed. Without his booming voice, the police didn't need to attend the Singalong this year. (His wife is now well, minus an appendix but with three round keyhole surgery scars that look a bit like a traffic light, though fortunately the bottom one isn't turning green. It was lovely to catch up with Nick, Rick and their families in Greenwich Park just before we flew back here.)

Fabian and his team run a very entertaining con, that is slickly organised, yet feels informal and friendly at the same time. Program highlights for me were Harem Nights and John's seminars, especially Whitewall which knocked me out! Boy I hope this project bears fruit some day.

Castle Stahlek was as picturesque as ever, perched above the Rhine in verdant greenery that was a pleasant contrast from the current view out my window. My only gripe is that given that most people were sleeping 3 to 8 in a room, the hostel's Teutonic insistence on serving lentil and bean soup with cabbage for lunch every day seemed pretty cruel. Fortunately there is an excellent Turkish kebab shop in the village below which was well patronised. (I reckon that just as the English national dish is the curry, in Germany it's the kebab. Here in the Emirates, I can't work out if it's MacDonalds or KFC...)

Now that I'm 2/3rds the way to Europe, I hope I can make it to Tentacles again while I'm on the Trucial Coast. I unfortunately aren't able to attend Continuum this year - will be back in Australia then showing off my kids to the grandfolks - but I'm sure it will be a blast and can assure anyone who signs up for Harem Nights that they're in for a treat.


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