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>Me> As Nick points out, Common sense is a useful tonic.
>Tonics can be bland and stagnant if left open for too long...

When the alternative is something silly (namely the moon zooming in the heavens when crossing the glowline) then I stick with common sense.

>It isn't that bad unless you take care to watch the change in the moon's

A radical change in the moon's position once one crosses the glowline "isn't that bad"? I strongly disagree.

> >>Oh, and a change of phase effect, too. Which one exactly will be told in
> >>ILH2.

> > What change of phase?

> From whichever phase you had before entering to the effect of the half
>moons if you're an ordinary Lunar, or to the effects of the Full Moon if
>you are specially devoted (or was it "know the secret"?).

That's not a change of phase. We are talking about the physical appearances of the moon. It does not become always half (or always full if you know the secret) inside the Glowline.

> >>I think we ought to ask ourself what the Glowline really is. I have a
> >>fledgeling theory...

> > What's wrong with the theory described in the Glorantha: Intro p130?

>It's a description of the appearance and (some of) the effects of the
>Glowline, but no raison d'etre.

You could try reading it before dismissing it. It's not a description of the Glowline effects in HeroQuest rules. The Glowline is stated to be a giant web in which Yara Aranis scuttles over. Although the raison d'etre isn't spelled out there, Yara Aranis devouring sacrifices to give birth to the invisible Reaching Moon is parallel to Arachne Solara devouring the Devil to give birth to Time.

>IMO the glowline as reaching out from the Good Shore temple (and later
>additions) since the 3rd Wane only extends the Silver Shadow, a circular
>Satrapy centered upon the Crater named after a special celestial effect.

The Silver Shadow Sultannate was in existence before Sheng Seleris and the Good Shore Temple is markedly off centre of the Sultannate's borders. Hence I doubt that the Glowline is responsible for the Silver Shadow.

But that said, what was your raison d'etre for the Glowline?

--Peter Metcalfe

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