[Glorantha]Kids and common magic

From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_quicksilver.net.nz>
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 21:19:43 +1200


> > What magical practical jokes can the kids play with common magic? It's
> > can't be used actively but only as an augment for mundane abilities.

>Finally having the rules at my hands


> > The magical practical jokes the kids can play are hence ordinary
> > practical jokes which the Orlanthi have no problems with.

>No troubles beyond the usual anger about kid-induced weregeld or sacrifice
>expenses, then.

What weregild and sacrifice induced expenses would these be?

> >>Kids and magic is like kids and sharp weapons.

> > You asserted that kids can't use weapons before.

>Haven't. I said kids aren't expected to use weapons in earnest in ordinary
>situations, but are well expected to be able to defend themselves against
>lesser dangers (like wild wolves, dogs, trollkin) they might encounter
>herding sheep, gathering herbs or similar out-of-stead activities.

If the Orlanthi permit their kids to use weapons than the kids should be allowed common magic, no?

> > that kids can't use common magic.

>Which is not what I advocated, either. I said kids should be banned from
>making their own Common Magic charms etc., to avoid events similar to the
>"Feet" trollkin with the Earth Axe in Munchrooms, i.e. the magical item
>taking over an unprepared wielder.

But common magic can't do that and the Feet dominates its trollkin wielder through force of personality rather than any magical effect.

> > More to the point, common magic is not a sharp weapon.

>Common magic derived from e.g. the Stream is anything but a blunt weapon.
>Lesser embodied otherworld entities like Firshala and their magical gifts
>can be sharp weapons.

Firshala is not an embodied otherworld entity but a goddess entrapped in the material world. Only when she is released will she provide magic and as an otherworld being, she doesn't provide common magic.

> >>Kids could learn animist magic without being initiated.

> > No, they can't. They have to become a spiritist which requires
> > animist initiation.

>Which does not require any adult intervention if they happen to meet an
>embodied spirit helping them through for its own purposes.

So for practically all intents and purposes, kids do require adult intervention to learn animist magic.

> > There's nothing dangerous about talking to natural entities. It's
> > like talking to pillars of your community for useful stuff.

>Provided these entities are benevolent ones, or at least sufficiently
>propitiated ones. Herdboys and Oreads is an entirely different story.

An Oread isn't benevolent?

> >>And you wouldn't want a concentrated self rock bully kid in the tula..

> > Take his rock away or smash it (which breaks his concentration).

>Which is expressing your "don't want in the tula" quite openly.

The difference is that you conclude that because such people are unwanted, the Orlanthi prohibit their kids from learning common magic. I, on the other hand, merely give a common sense solution to handling this particular type of unwanted person which doesn't require the Orlanthi to ban their kids from learning common magic.

--Peter Metcalfe

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