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> >>Freer than the Andrinic shires in Heortland,

> > Just as free. The Andrinic sheriffs are not oppressors.

>The clan chieftains of the Tarsh lowlands are quite free to cut on their
>taxes, plot feuds, etc.

So? Politicians in the States are free to do many things that Politicians in Germany or France cannot do _and_ vice versa. Which country is more free? As far as I can see, to state that one region is more free than another on narrow criteria (the misdeeds of the clan chieftains) is a waste of time.

>The Andrinic sheriffs are appointees by the king,


>chosen from a body of specially instructed people

They are not "specially instructed" any more than any religious or political personality in glorantha is.

>(according to my understanding of some debate
>on the Whitewall list with Peter: members of a special cult or heroband
>which was spawned off Hendreik's Larnsti but which aren't full Larnsti,
>instituted by Andrin, and overseen by his successors).

What I was arguing against there was a particularly rigid interpretation of the Larnsti based on the belief that Broyan's character sheet was scriptually inerrant. I had no desire to debate the import of Larnsti and Sheriffs in Heortland on that list because that list is about Whitewall not Pharaonic Heortland. Hence basing arguments about what Sheriffs and Larnsti get up to based on hermeneutical analysis of what I said on that list aren't worth very much.

>Suspicious minds (like, say, your average Orlanthi liberal traditionalist)
>could suspect a conflict of interest between cultic membership in the
>non-clan organisation and the clan interests.

I really don't give a damn about what the Orlanthi liberal traditionalist say. What I am concerned with is your attempt, yet again, to claim as fact that the people of Pharaonic Heortland are oppressed.

>Peter said they may come from the fold of the clan (implying that every
>Andrinic clan has a small pool of Larnsti-schooled people).

What I was arguing against here was your assertion that the Sherrifs always come from outside the clan and are oppressors.

>The sheriffs supplant the chieftains in the Dar rites (or whichever other
>chieftain cult the clan traditionally used), and would be the person the
>(clan? shire?) wyter talks to. This puts some strain on the "follow chosen
>leaders" principle so loved by the Heortlings.

So the people in Apple Lane have great difficulties with their sheriff? Doesn't look that way to me.

--Peter Metcalfe

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